Hi Superstars!

Apologies to create yet another post on Amy's Ride, but just wanted to make sure we get a couple of messages out there, and didn't want them to get lost amongst all those other threads!

I would encourage everyone who does not have an Amy's Ride jersey, to wear your CVSA jersey to this ride.
It would be fantastic if we could meet at a point near the start, and ride in as a group. I know that we have mixed speeds in our group, but if we assemble to one side of the start line, it will allow those who want to ride faster from other groups, to pass us on our right. We won't stay together for the whole ride of course, but if we could roll out as a team, it would look mighty impressive.

There'll be a few of us carrying cameras, and I would love to get some group photos, as well as the customary riding photos, so please bring your best smiles along! Be great to send some through for Ashleigh as well, so he can see the jerseys he worked so hard to get, gathered and representing CVSA!

One of the members raised an excellent point, what if when we are gathered as a group, someone from the media wants to talk to us about CVSA, what it's all about, aims and objectives etc. If this does happen, can we please refer them on to Jim Vlahakis who will act as our spokesperson for the day. This will ensure a constant message being given to the media.

We are the cycling team of Cancer Voices SA, and by riding for the team and wearing the CVSA jersey, we are doing our bit to "raise a voice for those affected by cancer". We are a growing group with over 215 registered members of the cycling team, and approximately 90 registered to ride the TDU MCCT as part of Team CVSA.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone doing the 100km Sunday morning at the start line, and the rest of you doing the other distance options on offer, hope to see you at the end for a photo!

Stay safe my friends, and keep the rubber side down!


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I'll be starting my ride from O'Halloran Hill (ride marshalling for the 25km ride, also have my kids riding). If you can all ride in a group up to that point, I should be able to get some pictures of you just before you go under the overpass. If that is not possible, I'll try to get some photos from the bottom of the ramp we'll be using.
Bad luck mate, great to see you there though!
Excellent work Mark !! Ive been tied up with work and things for a bit, so I missed joining in with you guys and getting a CVSA jersey.

The new jerseys look sensational in the flesh, and you guys certainly got some people talking. Well done all round.

Near perfect day out for Amys ride, and Im really happy with my numbers too. My climbing has improved remarkably, thanks to a number of CVSA training sessions up in the hills. Happy camper here.

I also asked the Ambos how their day was, and by all accounts, it was an uneventful day for them ... which is great news.
Actually there were a few mishaps. One guy fell off for no apparent reason that I could see just before Majors, in the middle of the pack one other cyclist stopped to assist and fell off when he failed to unclip. Both riders appeared to be OK.
2km further on was a bad one. Largeslow group just got over top of a climb when a fast group tried to push through. One guy must of touched a wheel or had a blow out and he cartwheeled, one other also came off, believe ambulance was called for the first to fall.
One young lady came to grief down Wickam was being attended to by Ambo as I passed, appeared to be light abrasion only.
I think she was probably getting treated for shock as well, she was in a very emotional state when I saw her at the final drinks stop, must have been taken there by the ambo.
Riding into Flinders Uni, I saw you guys in the black and gold all bunched together, having a few pics taken. It looked really cool amongst the sea of white jerseys, you really stood out well :-)
Ah yes, any opportunity for a photo mate!
Was Great to See the Black & Gold amongst the White. Though we Speard out quickly, i Still managed to have a great 65km ride to my own pace. Stupid tyre, lucky it didnt blow, Pop of the rim, so as i hit speeds of 30km/h the back wheel wobbled badly, Like it needed at Wheel Alignment. Limped into the 1st stop and deflate and reinflate and all good.
Still cant beleive how many ppls were on the side of the road with flats. As one said, there was not much if any glass at all or rocks. Though that section of unsealed road was a worry.
Bring on the Next CVSA ride, I need more hills training in between now & then. Once i can get over the hills i think i will enjoy them more.

Thanks Guys, Top Day, Golden Day.
I wonder if your tyre wasn't properly inflated in the first place, a severely under inflated tyre will create a wobble like that on a downhill, as anybody who has had a slow leak will tell you. For the benefit of the smart arses the leaks we witnessed on the side of the road today would have cured rider wobble.
I changed all tubes last night, inflated to 100psi and went around the block, check the presure this morning and then adjusted the tyre presure to 110, the wheels all looked fine last night and this morning. Well i will Order my GP 4000s in the next few days and see where these get me.
Hi Dean, you did really well yesterday. Glad to hear you got that tyre fixed. Well done on the 65km. You will love the Continental GP 4000s. Awesome tyre, I got mine just after I got the bike. Yesterday while I was riding along there was a section of road which was gravel but didn't look like and accidently went in it and the ground started moving beneath me, there were "Oooooooooo"s from other riders around me but I held on and I feel the tyre kept me the right way up. They grip really well. Love 'em.
Take the bike to the shop first and tell him what happened, you've already said he's a good mechanic.


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