There are five new exciting elements to this year's Amy's Ride:

1. Get timed along the Southern Expressway and up Old Willunga Hill. Everyone riding 30km/60km/100km/120km will have an electronic tag that will calculate your riding time along these two legs, so you can set yourself a target and compare your times with others. Results will be posted at the finish and on the website. Amy's Ride SA is a fun recreational ride, but knowing your time is a great way to challenge yourself (and set yourself a benchmark for next year!)

2. A new 120km distance - the 'Grande' - which takes riders up Old Willunga Hill twice. Yes, if you want to test yourself like the professionals, you can double up on our biggest challenge ever

3. 18km Shiraz Trail ride option between McLaren Vale and Willunga, perfect for families does that include wine tastings :P

4. Onkaparinga residents can ride for free the 18km Shiraz Trail loop - fully supported, including refreshments

5. A fresh new jersey design, exclusive to Amy's Ride SA 2012

Brilliant as I am taking RD7 for his 1st Amy's ride, 25km Coast to Vines Express, hoping to see many kids / families out there on their bikes.

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Thanks Michelle. Knowing this event is coming up should spur me on to train.

@ shav i will be posting some training rides for amys wen i get back from the uk and will include a double willunga hill ride.

a single climb is well and truly enough for me mate. LOL.

That said, I will probably use Education Road circuit as a base training route as its closer to home.

I really need to improve my climbing technique while still using full cranks. Heard this is good for climbs.

Thanks Paul. I may take u up on that offer on the day.

A nice round 100 sounds good but I think my challenge this year will be to ride to the start and back as well. It's a nice day out an I don't see any need to do Willunga repeats when I could spend that time rolling about on the grass and chatting to friends as well. 

It's nice that Amy's Ride keep reinventing itself every year.

Well said. I hear your sentiments and concur.

The family Watts will be doing 30km as a family peloton! Woot!!

Think we will be starting from the top of the hill Andrew and so the 25km :-)

Like! Dragging Beth up the expressway on the Wee-Hoo will be my Willunga! It'll be Emma's first Amy's.

It will be a first for all of us, I will probably end up pulling Libby and hopefully Nathan will do the big 25km all on his own :-)

I missed Amy's last year - ironically because I was hit by a car two days before the event and my bike was in bits and I was in stitches and bandages - so I need to make up for missing Willinga Hill last year so I'll have a grande please.

I guess the route for the ride will be the same as last year , but does anyone know the route for the Grande part of the ride , Willunga Hill x 2 .    


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