There are five new exciting elements to this year's Amy's Ride:

1. Get timed along the Southern Expressway and up Old Willunga Hill. Everyone riding 30km/60km/100km/120km will have an electronic tag that will calculate your riding time along these two legs, so you can set yourself a target and compare your times with others. Results will be posted at the finish and on the website. Amy's Ride SA is a fun recreational ride, but knowing your time is a great way to challenge yourself (and set yourself a benchmark for next year!)

2. A new 120km distance - the 'Grande' - which takes riders up Old Willunga Hill twice. Yes, if you want to test yourself like the professionals, you can double up on our biggest challenge ever

3. 18km Shiraz Trail ride option between McLaren Vale and Willunga, perfect for families does that include wine tastings :P

4. Onkaparinga residents can ride for free the 18km Shiraz Trail loop - fully supported, including refreshments

5. A fresh new jersey design, exclusive to Amy's Ride SA 2012

Brilliant as I am taking RD7 for his 1st Amy's ride, 25km Coast to Vines Express, hoping to see many kids / families out there on their bikes.

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Ooooh.  The 'Grande' sounds like fun!

Not! But now that they've posted it there are some of us with dicky wiring that can't say no.

I will have a "Grande" coffee :P


It sounds like you are very fit & riding 65km in November will be no problem for you!  The route is reasonably flat apart from the first hill on the expressway so suggest you try the bikeway alongside the expressway to get a bit of hill climbing into your training.  This is actually steeper than the road!  Any form of fitness training will help you, so don't worry if you haven't got time to ride



You'll smash it Lisa.

The 60km was my first "big" ride a couple of years ago.  I bought a second hand roadie a few weeks prior to the event, tried to ride it (and failed) up the Veloway as training prior, but still managed to complete the distance on the day quite easily.  I did it off no fitness base at all.

You've got a fitness base already, and a couple of months to train prior.  Besides the hill up the veloway, the rest of the route is just gentle undulations.  I'd be heading south if I were you, up the veloway and along the southern expressway or Coast to Vines.  Better still, jump onto one of the SSRC rides that occur weekly down south - these go over the same roads as Amys, and you can do it with a great bunch of social riders in support.

Good luck.

Hi Lisa

At the risk of repeating, repeating, what others have said - I think you will be fine too :-)

I have only been riding since January and have a similar fitness routine to you - gym, runnning, weights, training for C2B; but I do a few hills every Sunday.  My first "big" ride was Lofty Challenge and then Grand Slam 2&3 (and 4 this coming Sunday). Believe in yourself, you are probably much stronger than you think you are :-) 


Yup, Willunga repeats for this little black duck.

I'll have a Grande!

will be doing the 100km again this year. planning on riding to the start and from the finish to home so looking like a 140km ish ride at this point which will be nice.

Yeah riding to & from before doing the 100k ride last year got me an imperial century so I might do a little more beforehand to see if I can crack 200 for the day.

Im thinking of doing the 100km this year after I did the 35km one last year.

you will smash it out Shav. 


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