Im a northerner intending to do AMY's Ride.  I did it last year and rode back to the Uni via the coast to vines and the Veloway.  But is this possible or do I need another route home and if so can you suggest a route.

Thanks in advance



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I ride the veloway fairly often from Darlington to Willunga (hill) , and a few weeks ago I decided to print out 7 maps of the detours which I take with me now, because the signage for cyclists and pedestrians is just hopeless and in some places just non existant .

Those who put up the so called signage should first of all do the ride .

Those who don't do the ride very often or for the first time , without "local" knowledge will get lost . I meet riders on the track all the time and they all say the same thing .  

Hi Pete,

Could you post the maps or where we can see the maps as I am contemplating riding down to McLaren Vale on Sunday and was thinking of using the veloway. Alternatively I might go via Clarendon.

I will also post a general discussion later today.


Hi Tim B .

If you go to the Department of Planning Transport and  Infrastructure   DPTI

and go to Southern Expressway Duplication ,  then scroll down to "Current Path Closures  and Detours " .

But this does not show the detour for the Seaford rail line extension , which in my opinion is the hardest detour to negotiate because of lack of signage .  I have done this just with "local" knowledge .

If you search Seaford Rail Extension,, Temporary changes to the Coast to Vines rail trail 2012 , there is a good map .

Hope this helps , have a good ride !

I did the Veloway starting from Unley Road on Sunday. I had never done the Veloway before. I got lost just following the signs to get to the Veloway.

This happened at I think Hunray Jacks, about 400 or 500m before the start of the Veloway on the other side of the road. A sign just before a side street said Veloway with an arrow pointing left. Just after the sign there was a side street. So I turned left as the sign seemed to indicate. No immediate evidence of any bike track. So I thought it must be branching off this side street somewhere further along. After about 800m I asked a walker and was told all I would find down this street was a caravan park! So turned back to South Road and after heading down to the next set of traffic lights I spied the bike track heading off to the right on the other side of that intersection, and just past the intersection.

I did have a bit of trouble finding my way around, following the sparse detour signage. But again, after asking another pedestrian/local he pointed out a small walking lane heading to the left, between two houses, just where the street did a 90degree bend to the right. (I had just gone right around the block, after going around that bend, only to pop out on the street I had just come along!) Anyway, after heading down that lane, crossing a main road at the other end of the lane, and then heading off down a sandy makeshift bike track. off to the left of the main road, not far away on the right of the lane exit, it all worked out OK.

From memory this has happened more than a few times and I recall that somebody put up a google satellite pic showing a bike path that passed under South road through to Marion road but by that time I had given up on that approach. Surprisingly the distance from the city to the veloway via Anzac and Marion Rd is only marginally more than using South or Goodwood Road and much better for cycling.


Don't worry Pat the Stuart O'Grady is a well kept secret in it's entirity, not a bloody directional sign in Gawler anywhere and none at the other end. I'm thinking signs will be a next election promise.

Thats how we keep our SOB KOM's .......

On 25-Oct-2012 I received a response from DPTI:
Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Southern Expressway Duplication and detours along the Veloway and Coast to Vines Rail Trail during construction.
I passed on your request to the project’s contractor, the Baulderstone Abigroup Joint Venture, who has advised that an audit of signage has commenced on the veloway and Coast to Vines trail to check and correct/replace, as required, any construction-related signage.
The contractor will also inspect and ensure that all plant crossing points on the Coast to Vines trail are left swept and in good order for Amy’s Ride on 4-Nov-2012.
If you have any enquiries regarding the Veloway or Coast to Vines shared user path condition and/or detour signage as a result of the Southern Expressway duplication works, please call the project team on 1300 626 097, or email them at
The Southern Expressway Duplication project team

If you have any probs due to poor signage, please let AC know and contact the authorities.


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