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Amy's Ride is on Sunday November 1 from Flinders to McLaren Vale. It's always a great day out for a great cause.

Bicycle SA are giving away 5 free rides with jersey to five Adelaide Cyclists members.

All you need to do is leave a comment here saying why you want to take part this year – the best comments get a free pass. Easy. 

Judges decision final. Winners notified via this site's email messaging system. Closes Tuesday 11pm October 20.


The judges at BicycleSA spent their morning coffee meeting pouring over the entries and have chosen these as the winners. I'll send you all messages via Adelaide Cyclists email on how to get your entry. Enjoy the ride, it's not too late to sign on and show your support for cycling in SA, especially on this date, just one week into the minimum passing law's introduction.

Reply by Adam Carpenter on Friday

After suffering a cardiac arrest on Amy's Ride in 2012, I came back to face my demons and complete it in 2013, raising about $5k in the process, on of the most moving experiences of my life! Last year I missed it as I was recovering from open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve, but I'm thinking it's time to do it again in 2015! Forgot to register of course, but would love to do it again if you'll have me?! Cheers Adam

Reply by Chris Cuthbert on Saturday

Could not think of a better way to get my butt on a bike and ride for Amy and all other riders who sadly have gone to the highway in the sky.

Reply by Sonja on Friday

I am new to bike riding and absolutely love the warm, enthusiastic and inspiring people I have been meeting in this community. I am also shocked by divers' attitudes at times and it terrifies me to think about my chances of an incident every time I hope on my bike. I want to take part in this ride because I don't know anyone who has lost a life due to a bicycle accident and I would like to keep it that way.

Reply by Slow Fatty on Wednesday

On Monday I had just renewed my Bike SA membership and was about to sign up for Amy's when a work email came through indicating I’ll most likely be made redundant. I’m now watching every penny I spend and Amy’s Ride is off the agenda.

Was looking forward to riding it again with my best mate; the two of us are cycling to try and reverse our middle age spread.

Reply by Kelly Donnelly on Friday

I am new to Adelaide and have just purchased a new bike after having my old one stolen :( I want to celebrate my new bike by partaking in a large group cycle while seeing some more of the fantastic cycling Adelaide has to offer and off course a nice glass of wine at the end :)

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1m rule is about to be law. What better way to celebrate than ride Amy's Ride.

I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the Citizen's Jury suggestions becoming law than doing Amy's ride, proudly wearing my AGF jersey.

Having never done the Amy's ride before and having a 3 month lay off over winter. This would be a great way of testing my endurance on a longer ride with distances I haven't done for about 5 years. Will be a great test ride for the full distance BUPA ride for the TDU which I am nervous about signing up for this year.

Haiku for Amy

Spring season; to ride,

have some fun, honour a life

remember Amy.

It's a great opportunity to challenge myself, while also raising money for an excellent cause.

So many years and not a few beers so I'll need all my gears if I going to ride again in memoriam of AMY.

Please, Please, Oh Please, Nothing more fun than riding in Amy's ride.

Pinch the bunch the first day of the month - to ride, to ride! Amy we ride!

In Rememberance

ridden almost all of them and bought the jersey every year so would be nice to get a free one this time 

Get on it! Anyone got a haiku?

Can we "enter" twice?

Will a crappy poem that doesn't quite rhyme suffice?

"Oh, what a wonderful day!" we'll cheer,

Exhausted from Amy's Ride this year.

"If only I'd organised a pickup" I'll sigh,

As I hop back on, turn home, and ride.


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