*AMIGOS PARA SIEMPRE* >>> Gawler Wheelers 4th Anniversary Group Ride Report: March 14th 2015


Number of GW Riders today : 86




Our Gawler Wheelers 4th Birthday Ride was just a sublime, sensual & sensational experience.


86 riders joined us on this most perfect morning to celebrate our Gawler Wheelers 4th birthday.  It was sooo GOOD!

The morning HOWEVER was not about the ride.

It was more about the memories and the history of the last four years. Stay tuned over the coming days as the GW Members tell you all about those memories.

NEXT WEEK: We will be holding two undulating rides. Details will be posted on AC Events and YOU are welcome to attend!


As previously advised, Wilson and I are stepping down as GW Ride Organisers. What has made the GW journey so spectacular and rewarding  has been all the people who ride with us.

Thank YOU for a journey that Wilson and I will never forget…and one that we will cherish forever and forever.


Whilst we have kept this “quiet”….Wilson and I are going off to get married! I fell in love with him after we kissed on the lips! We made a home-made xxx video of our engagement shortly after!

See you after the honeymoon! Plse enjoy our private sex-tape:  



(Wilson is the good looking one. I am the Sugar Daddy with the $)



4 years later and we are still getting many new riders coming on the GW rides. On the left…newbie 65 year old Graeme aka “Rowdy” ....with regular GW Member Paul.

Long time member Pete R…always likes showing a bit of leg!

SEXYN & HOTT Mat and Kevin ready to celebrate our birthday

Colin, Fred and Chris…GW friends for ever & EVER

Yep, that will fit you really well Chris. Can you try it on now?

Andrea! Stop please! Al’s wife is riding with us today!!!

GW Helpers: Mick, Chris, Richard and Cashy

Yes Carl (R)…….lovely to see AFL & SANFL Player Barry Norsworthy back after a 12 month break, Barry just loves our birthday cakes!!

Long time & loyal GW Members: Michael (L), Andrew and Dale

Linda are you in love with Juz? Do you want to come out too?

Tony B…tell us about your new bike please mate!

Batman’s light always highlights his best feature!

Paying deserved respect to Wilson’s last Ride Safety Brief

Al and Richie arriving at the start of the SOB

Tony B and his exquisite new bike. Tell us about it TB!

GW ..................Friends For Ever (1)

GW take over the SOB this morning

End of the SOB Regroup

Brett….tell us all about that new bike please

Fantastic to see Rhys back out riding with his Dad (Keith). Rhys…a lot of the girls came up to me after the ride asking for you contact details .  l!!!!!!!SEXPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea made these lovely little carrot cakes for us. Many many many thanks Andrea >> from GW xxxx

Our GW Birthday Cake! Yummy…thanks Frank and Wilson

WILSON DEVO > GW FOUNDER– Key Note Speaker after the ride. Captive & Respectful audience

Juz, getting HOT and bothered listening to Wilson. Me too!

OMG!!! Who is that HOTTT SEXXXY GW Paparazzi blonde??

Paul K…................thanking Wilson

Our Birthday Cake....yummmmmmmyyyyyy

 GW SEXY LADIES… rightfully in charge of the cake

Scott, tell us about your 1000km Audax ride next week please

GW Friends forever…Juz and Michael

…and more GW friends >> Michael, Wilson and Pete

Paul K and David H. They have stepped-up and will be running GW in future. Thank you guys!




(1) the fun we have on our rides, (2) seeing all of the new friendships formed via the GW rides AND (3) the overall comradeship ..................week in and week out.

To be treasured IMHO.

So, as Wilson and I sign off on our last GW Ride Report before we go to the honeymoon suite, we leave you with a clip that captures both of those themes.


Thank you everyone. We LOVE YOUS ALL! xxxxx


 GW = Amigos Para Siempre



Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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This was one ride that couldn't be missed.  Flat rides aren't my favourite but this one was special.  Saw quite a few GWs who hadn't been out for a while and spent a bit of time catching up with Barry.

The ride itself was uneventful until the return through Edinburgh.  I saw someone ahead of me (Dave T)slow and pull over (the dreaded p-faerie!) so stopped to offer assistance.  We were still there 10 mins later unable to get the tyre off the rim! Really stubborn bugger. Eventually we were good to go but had lost heaps of time to the group by this stage so decided on a steady pace to return to Gawler.  At Petherton gate we found two more GWs (Sue T and Craig H) who had decided to wait for us and we all rolled along at a comfortable pace. When we got back to HQ there wasn't much of a queue for food (an indication of how much time we had spent fixing the puncture).

The post ride shenanigans were up to standard with many people enjoying the GW cake.  Had a brief interesting chat about railway gauges with Dave S before he had to catch his train back to the southlands.

On the return to Farina's  I  had decided that  I  needed to find a hill so the journey back home was different to the usual - this time riding up Kentish and down Medlow before re-joining the normal route.  Stopped at Star Cycles to thank them for the last four years as well (Gary wasn't there, either) before the final stretch home.

119km for the day - this would have been unthinkable four years ago!  I'm coming up to my 3rd GW anniversary and in that time have made many friends within the group.  A very special group,  led by two very special people. Wilson,  Frank,  we know you are proud of your creation,  and  I  am very proud to be part of this Family.  Thank you for the tireless work of the last few years.  I'm really glad  I made the effort to see what Gawler Wheelers was all about that chilly Saturday morning back in April 2012.  Just one thing concerns me.............will the Godfather pass on his weather contacts to Paul and Dave?

I hope Dave does the ride briefings - if it's left to Paul it could go on for hours!  Seriously - good luck with the new format GW - I may not always be there but you can count on my support.


Carl - if Paul K does the ride brief, it could start with "Rolling" and continue all the way to the Tanunda regroup. :-P He has an impressive ability to talk whilst riding up hill.

I think it has all been said already but I'd like to add a huge thanks and kudos to Frank and Wilson for there enormous generosity, enthusiasm and commitment toward the GW rides and riders over the last 4 years. Good on you guys. I hope you enjoy your new less demanding roles in future GW events. All the best to David and Paul as they take over the helm.

Cheers JB. 


+ another 1 

Love your work Wilson & Frank , you have formed a fantastic group ( great people , great routes)I have been riding with The Wheelers for a few years now(same time I started semi-serious cycling ;~) and it has enriched my cycling experience immensely .

Great video and tribute well done

Yes great stuff Phil I also like the off road action. Well done and thanks for all videos this week very high quality.

Sums it all up ...I think....great video.

Great watch Phil.

Great video PHIL. Say no more


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