*AMIGOS PARA SIEMPRE* >>> Gawler Wheelers 4th Anniversary Group Ride Report: March 14th 2015


Number of GW Riders today : 86




Our Gawler Wheelers 4th Birthday Ride was just a sublime, sensual & sensational experience.


86 riders joined us on this most perfect morning to celebrate our Gawler Wheelers 4th birthday.  It was sooo GOOD!

The morning HOWEVER was not about the ride.

It was more about the memories and the history of the last four years. Stay tuned over the coming days as the GW Members tell you all about those memories.

NEXT WEEK: We will be holding two undulating rides. Details will be posted on AC Events and YOU are welcome to attend!


As previously advised, Wilson and I are stepping down as GW Ride Organisers. What has made the GW journey so spectacular and rewarding  has been all the people who ride with us.

Thank YOU for a journey that Wilson and I will never forget…and one that we will cherish forever and forever.


Whilst we have kept this “quiet”….Wilson and I are going off to get married! I fell in love with him after we kissed on the lips! We made a home-made xxx video of our engagement shortly after!

See you after the honeymoon! Plse enjoy our private sex-tape:  



(Wilson is the good looking one. I am the Sugar Daddy with the $)



4 years later and we are still getting many new riders coming on the GW rides. On the left…newbie 65 year old Graeme aka “Rowdy” ....with regular GW Member Paul.

Long time member Pete R…always likes showing a bit of leg!

SEXYN & HOTT Mat and Kevin ready to celebrate our birthday

Colin, Fred and Chris…GW friends for ever & EVER

Yep, that will fit you really well Chris. Can you try it on now?

Andrea! Stop please! Al’s wife is riding with us today!!!

GW Helpers: Mick, Chris, Richard and Cashy

Yes Carl (R)…….lovely to see AFL & SANFL Player Barry Norsworthy back after a 12 month break, Barry just loves our birthday cakes!!

Long time & loyal GW Members: Michael (L), Andrew and Dale

Linda are you in love with Juz? Do you want to come out too?

Tony B…tell us about your new bike please mate!

Batman’s light always highlights his best feature!

Paying deserved respect to Wilson’s last Ride Safety Brief

Al and Richie arriving at the start of the SOB

Tony B and his exquisite new bike. Tell us about it TB!

GW ..................Friends For Ever (1)

GW take over the SOB this morning

End of the SOB Regroup

Brett….tell us all about that new bike please

Fantastic to see Rhys back out riding with his Dad (Keith). Rhys…a lot of the girls came up to me after the ride asking for you contact details .  l!!!!!!!SEXPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea made these lovely little carrot cakes for us. Many many many thanks Andrea >> from GW xxxx

Our GW Birthday Cake! Yummy…thanks Frank and Wilson

WILSON DEVO > GW FOUNDER– Key Note Speaker after the ride. Captive & Respectful audience

Juz, getting HOT and bothered listening to Wilson. Me too!

OMG!!! Who is that HOTTT SEXXXY GW Paparazzi blonde??

Paul K…................thanking Wilson

Our Birthday Cake....yummmmmmmyyyyyy

 GW SEXY LADIES… rightfully in charge of the cake

Scott, tell us about your 1000km Audax ride next week please

GW Friends forever…Juz and Michael

…and more GW friends >> Michael, Wilson and Pete

Paul K and David H. They have stepped-up and will be running GW in future. Thank you guys!




(1) the fun we have on our rides, (2) seeing all of the new friendships formed via the GW rides AND (3) the overall comradeship ..................week in and week out.

To be treasured IMHO.

So, as Wilson and I sign off on our last GW Ride Report before we go to the honeymoon suite, we leave you with a clip that captures both of those themes.


Thank you everyone. We LOVE YOUS ALL! xxxxx


 GW = Amigos Para Siempre



Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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Thanks Gus K Image


To Gus K,

As you will already know, Frank and I will organise our last Gawler Wheelers social group ride events on Sat 14-Mar-2015 before our retirement and we wanted to express our combined gratitude and thanks to you for a number of reasons.

When the group was founded back in 2011 it stemmed from a simple discussion on the Adelaide Cyclists website.

From the handful of replies to that discussion a new Adelaide Cyclists group, named the 'Gawler Wheelers', was created and before too long we were running regular Saturday morning social group ride events in Gawler. At that time both Frank and I were relatively new to cycling and were certainly new to the role of 'group ride organisers'.

Despite our early naivety as organisers and the unforeseen eagerness of those early Gawler Wheelers members, our greatest asset was the Adelaide Cyclists website itself. It not only provided the mechanism for posting and reporting on social group ride events, it also provided a virtual 'cycling clubroom' for our members and fostered a true sense of belonging without the overhead of actually creating a cycling club.

After four years and with 339 social group ride events held, in addition to a number of special events such as MTB, TRACK and RPM nights, the Adelaide Cyclists website is still providing a stable and vital platform for Gawler Wheelers members.

On behalf of Frank, myself and all members of the Gawler Wheelers group, I would like to thank you for your continued efforts in running the Adelaide Cyclists website.

A large portion of the success of the Gawler Wheelers group can be attributed directly to the Adelaide Cyclists website and yourself.

You are providing an important and valuable resource to the Adelaide cycling community and it is one that we are proud to be associated with.

Cheers - Wilson and Frank - 13-Mar-2015




Replies to This Discussion

Oh shucks. Thanks guys. You really did everything yourselves to grow the group. This site just provides a platform and it makes me happy that people use it to organise a group of three or three-hundred riders.

All the best with the next stage of your cycling lives. I hope GW continues to grow. It's a great testament to community and social capital.


What can one say about a day such as this!?!

As always, the ride was fantastic, the company was  fantastic and there were a fond memories created.

It was nice to see so many happy faces and it was nice to see so many people turn up in droves.

I really liked seeing old friends that I hadn't seen for quite some time.  It was very nice to hear some positive feedback from old friends such as Richard, I do indeed feel happier than I have for quite some time.

Of course, we must all say thanks to Wilson and Frank for all of the amazing work that they have done over the years, along with their band of "behind the scenes" workers.  Hopefully it's not goodbye, but more like see you later.

Thanks must also go out to David H and Paul K for taking over the running of the Gawler Wheelers rides.  I have enjoyed many good times with everyone and I can only hope that I can continue to do so...

The Bike

Thanks for posting a picture of my bike and me Frank. The bike is a old 80s local built custom bike using columbus tubing. Its is a nice Ferrari red and has some nice Italian campy parts, actually purchased from a work friend of Wilson.

The Ride

Well what fantastic weather and no doubt fate on Frank and Wilsons earned break. Great to see many smiling faces, I am pretty unfit so I just set out to enjoy myself on the vintage steel beast. Having set off I found Frank and thought right, lets keep with him and form a parade lol, later I found Norm still with me and we pretty much rode the whole way together, thanks for the company yet again Norm.

The return started out gentle but soon cracked open, had some company from Barry then Megan snuck up and it was good to give it a little push with her as she is a very strong gal. She did show off at the end with a solo sprint lol.

Was just thinking about getting home from there and I slowed a lot, Wilson came past and thanked me for being a part of GW and bringing some interesting bikes.(cant be fast then go with style right?). I said no problem but I was also thinking , I should be thanking you Mr Wilson. Letting me be a part of GW, ignoring my retro helmet lol and putting up with my groans.


Thank you so much for your hard work and vision to create the group, there is a lot of respect for you mate. I have actually learned a great deal from you and the professional way you have organised the group. Heck nobody can ride a fixie on hills like you.


What can I say without getting too upset, hope I can say ,you really are like a Uncle or Farther figure on Saturday mornings to many mate,  You keep a eye out for everyone and make us all a closer group. The only thing keeping me sane about all this is knowing you will still be around.


Well I don't really want a leadership change but who can begrudge Wilson and Frank a break, It is actually noble of them to want to share the role but I think I would speak for everyone, saying if you miss the Authority your welcome back to lead anytime by me.

Having said that, I am actually happy by the choice of next leadership, Paul and David are proven community minded people and students of sustainability. Maybe they can get Tony out with us?. I am sure they will do a great job for everyone and I will do my own part to make sure the Founders group wishes are upheld.

About 85 riders turned up for the Fourth Anniversary today and to see the passing over of the reigns to Paul and Dave.
This is a very large group to enter a public road so a bit more thought has to go into this aspect when first leaving Farinas.
I was one of the last to leave and It wasn’t until after the first roundabout that riders started to sort themselves out into two abreast,until then this didn’t look good from where I was riding. If I was a motorist I would be pretty annoyed about the bikes taking up the whole lane.
I would say this problem arises from GW members wanting to catch up with mates. If we all could wait that extra 5 min to chat and firstly sort ourselves out before entering the road from the car park this could certainly be avoided.

The trip to the SOG was fantastic single file along the busy main road.

One last point was on the return trip on the SOG.
It not only pays to be aware of what is happening in the group you are riding with but also riders that are coming the other way.
In this instance luckily the outcome was no one injured. It could have been very different with a number of riders coming down at speed, including two female riders ( not with the GW group ) travelling in the same direction and another rider coming from the opposite direction. So just be aware that if you do decide to pass a large group listen to the calls that are being made, because they were loud and clear. Play safe and if you can see a potential for danger indicate that you need to move into the group you are passing shout if need be, They will let you in.

Better Safe than Sorry.

Over all, riders were very well behaved keeping to the left, pointing out pot holes etc. and clear calling out to their fellow riders.

Here are the 3 GW highlights videos I have done so far.


2013 (part 1):

2013 (part 2):

Congratulations to Gawler Wheelers on our fourth anniversary. I value the friendships I have made through Gawler Wheelers, and the development of my skill and ability as a cyclist. It's impressive for me now as a "veteran" to see the development in newcomers to the group and realise I was just as slow and hesitant on my first group ride almost three years ago.

This week especially, thank you to Wilson and Frank for creating the group and nurturing its culture.

As with the rest of the anniversary sentiments, thank you to the unseen GW Council, the dedicated Tail end Charlies who make us all feel safe, secure and supported, even on those weeks when we don't specifically require your services, the Cafe Farina staff who put up with a rowdy and smelly bunch of lycra-clad customers, and to all of us, as without the riders, there wouldn't be a Gawler Wheelers group with the fantastic cameraderie we have.

Best wishes to Paul K and Dave H as you take over the reins and guide the group along the next path. I have other commitments for the next few Saturdays, so by the time I get along to another ride, you will have settled in and found your feet.

...and for today's ride - wow. I'm still getting back fitness after the heat layoff in February, and afraid I'll lose it through my "other commitments March", but had a blast along the SOB, latching on to a range of different groups through the day, even though most of them eventually spat me out the back. Welcome to newbie Graeme (and any others), I hope we didn't scare you off, and we'll see you again soon. Welcome back Megan after your dispute with an avocado. Well done to the Chick Train for unceremoniously dropping me off the back. And thanks to whoever arranged the cake.

Fourth_Anniversary_Speech Image


So Long, and Thanks for All the Rides

Wilson Icon GW Icon Frank Icon


Being a special occasion today, I decided to give up my Saturday sleep in and come out on a beautiful morning to take some photos at the southern end of the SOB to commemorate the day. Here are just a few of the many, many I took this morning...

great photography Leanne , thanks

You're welcome Michael - it was my pleasure to help GW celebrate in this way :-)


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