Adelaide City Council is supporting a website and competition to encourage people to cycle to work.

Tour de Work.

No one needs to tell us it’s a good idea. Less traffic, better health, lower medical cost pressure on the community purse, nicer vibes, etc.

As far as I can tell the Tour de Work is adapted from a British idea called Get More People Biking (which the picture is a link to)

The Adelaide version not only encourages individuals to ride but to in turn get their colleagues to cycle to work to, and the bonus is to win prizes.

" Organisations in the City of Adelaide will compete to see who can get the most staff to ride a bike to work, for transport and recreation. You can also win some great prizes by cycling to work during the challenge!"

I will be putting it to the management of my organisation. I hope you do to.

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I had a week in London early September, and learned of their `Friday Ride to Work` campaign. Over their summer, basically July til mid-September, there were 6 routes from outer suburbs to the City, where volunteer guides would lead new riders in to work.
I gleaned info from the following sites:
Street Faults : `` If you spot any street faults, from potholes, faulty signals or damaged or missing signs, report them to ``.
Cycle Shops :
Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity:
CTC, the UK`s national cyclists` organisation:
Cycling England:
...which picture has the link to Get More People Biking...? Thanks...


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