Hi all,

I'm making videos about Adelaide's hardest climbs because:

  1. It's fun
  2. Dirty Dozen 2015 promotion
  3. YOLO
  4. Learning a new skill
  5. Justifying my Garmin Virb Elite purchase.

I have a handful so far, linked below, but I'm going to be adding a lot more. My aim is to have the best source of information of Adelaide's brutal roads, then maybe expand it to all of Adelaide's awesome climbs. Also, why not kick off this debate again because it's fun!

YouTube is a jerk and plays them low quality so switch to 720p and enjoy them in glorious sort-of-optimised HD!

Feedback is welcome, as are suggestions of climbs. Feel free to subscribe to my channel and start the process of jettisoning me to the status of YouTube stardom like keyboard cat or dramatic look gopher ... or y'know, like and share, whatever you feel like.

So far I have:



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Cheers Barry. Those are all on my list actually. That stretch from Mylor back to Ironbank has Woolcock, Ridge, and Morgan all in a row so I've been meaning to get out and film them. Sooooo many nasty little climbs!

Just found these videos. @james do you still ride nowadays?

So entertaining, can't remember seeing them before.  No punctures for the two of us yesterday on Blockers with our MTBs, the brown snake I disturbed zipped across in front of my partner's wheel.  Yep, more Peugots than I remember last time.


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