Hi all,

I'm making videos about Adelaide's hardest climbs because:

  1. It's fun
  2. Dirty Dozen 2015 promotion
  3. YOLO
  4. Learning a new skill
  5. Justifying my Garmin Virb Elite purchase.

I have a handful so far, linked below, but I'm going to be adding a lot more. My aim is to have the best source of information of Adelaide's brutal roads, then maybe expand it to all of Adelaide's awesome climbs. Also, why not kick off this debate again because it's fun!

YouTube is a jerk and plays them low quality so switch to 720p and enjoy them in glorious sort-of-optimised HD!

Feedback is welcome, as are suggestions of climbs. Feel free to subscribe to my channel and start the process of jettisoning me to the status of YouTube stardom like keyboard cat or dramatic look gopher ... or y'know, like and share, whatever you feel like.

So far I have:



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I found my way to them from the DD Facebook post - very nice :o) It's hard to keep the audience engaged but you do it well by keeping it short and to the point. Sooooo many YouTube tutorials are long-winded and boring!!

... and for that very reason I also started making some home brewing videos not long ago. Feel free to steal ideas if any apply (but not dog) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jCAX2_5alY

Yes! Watched a couple of your vids, we are definitely fighting the same battle of making dull content engaging. Even people who are interested in brewing/cycling won't stick around without a hook. Editing and voiceover is really the only way. 

Your use of music is good. In my case I'm relying on all the little jokes and cut-aways and hoping the message doesn't get lost in silliness.

I had been planning on using the Entertainer for 2 reasons:

  1. it suits the tone of the videos
  2. it's in the public domain.

I downloaded a piano roll version from a royalty free music site. This means my vids shouldn't get taken down for copyright infringement. 

YouTube doesn't take down videos with copyright music in them now, they let you know and put ads on your video to pay the music rights holder you'd assume.

My only tip is to try to get a closer mic recoding of your voice over. Buy an external mic and record in a dead room. It makes the world of difference.

Oh man, I really want a better mic. I spent a couple of days trying to find a cheap mic with a headphone pin that I can run straight into my computer but they're freakin non-existent in the city. I've found them online but haven't bought one yet. I'll be getting some more footage soon, I should get a mic... Currently I'm using about a $15 Verbatim headset... you can probably tell! 

I didn't even think about USB mics. I just did a super quick whip around of the internets for reviews...tips... prices etc. Settled on a Blue Snowball USB mic. $95, very positive opinions of it, super simple and compatible with everything. Expect far superior audio in my next batch of videos.

Thanks for your suggestion.

one of the better home brew vids I have seen ( hehe let me know how the October fest comes out as well ;)  )   

It usually comes out of a bottle

Good summary, and entertaining

I got plenty of bandwidth and speed. My vids play at 360p or 480p. I suspect it may be YouTube limiting default quality of smaller channels until they are popular enough to bump it up. That's just speculative... but obviously I'm right... 

Great effort to produce an excellent resource for those thinking about this year's Dirty Dozen.


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