Adelaide is the best city in Australia to ride because... win an entry to #Coast2Coast15

Want to ride Boileau Velo Adelaide but haven't entered yet?

As you are are aware Bicycle SA are hosting the Boileau Velo Coast to Coast ride from Glenelg to Victor Harbor on March 22 with rides from 65 - 120kms.

If you've not registered yet for various reasons you can have a go at winning one of five entries from Adelaide Cyclists and Bicycle SA valued at $85.

All you need to do is complete the sentence in 30 words or so:

'Adelaide is the best city in Australia to ride because... '

Then if you are on Twitter or Instagram, Facebook etc, please share this post using the share icons below or copy the title including the #Coast2Coast15 and use the URL Tag @Adl_cyclists if you like as well.

The winners will be the most creative, inspirational sentences and chosen by a 'panel of experts' and taking into account other members supportive comments that endorse the best entry (and good spelling and grammar).

Winners close in one week, Thursday 12 March at 9 pm. Winners notified via this website's messaging system so only members can win. Make sure you have notifications switched on.

Go on, have a go.

Entries are closed and the expert panel of judges at Bicycle SA have awarded the prize to to ride this year's BicycleSA Coast to Coast on them to:

Stafford, Martin, Ian, Snappy and Dan.

There's still time to register for this ride on 22 March so get on it.

Cheers all


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... I don't have to get there before I ride.

'Adelaide is the best city in Australia to ride because... '

The hills and the plains in close proximity, typically great cycling weather, fantastic scenery, friendly people and scrumptious food! PS: Brilliant wine!

Adelaide is the best city in Australia to ride because.......I commute using a streamlined 14km route to the city during the week and, on the weekend, ride for 10 minutes and I'm in the hills. No car required....perfect.

'Adelaide is the best city in Australia to ride because... '
it caters all sort of riding options from recreational to pro cyclist, kiddies to oldies, single speed to mtb, all within a riding distance from your comfort dwelling , where ever you are.

It's too far to go to ride in the other ones.

Adelaide is the best city in Australia to ride because... Of its fresh air, dry climate and huge network of cycling enthusiasts!

Adelaide is the best city in Austrailia to ride due to the amount of organised riding groups providing the opportunity for all levels from Families with children to the avid road biker. I love that I can access Adelaide cyclist and rides are posted at my finger tips. 

Go Radelaidians!

PS I have already registered but know  a few that would appreciate the financial help with registering :)

Riding in Adelaide is the best because when I go for my daily 50km 6:00am ride there is no traffic. Try doing that in Melbourne or Sydney!

Adelaide is the best city in Australia to ride because...

of the sublime Adelaide Hills, the quiet country roads, the endless options, the vineyards reminiscent of Tuscany, the stone and pome orchards like southern France. Then there is McLaren Vale and the hills and valleys of the Fleurieu. Wonderful coffee and brilliant hill climbs. And the Barossa just a two hour ride up the Gorge with some blissful river red gum lined roads along the way. And then there is the smooth flat road from Glenelg up to Outer Harbour with a stop on the way back at Semaphore. What could beat that?

Although it has the worst and least trained drivers, there are less of them than elsewhere in Australia

'Adelaide is the best city in Australia to ride because... '

everyone in Adelaide that rides a bike, says it is!


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