The Adelaide Hills Council is preparing a bike plan and I’m helping out. (I've come out of retirement to do this. I'm a cycling and I used to be a transport planner.)

So far we’ve been talking to lots of residents about what they think and what they want to see.  This has mainly been in 'listening posts' held in community libraries during the day, as well as sessions with Council staff.

We hear a lot of comments by parents wishing that there were more safe places for them to cycle with their kids. We also get a lot of comments about 'arrogant cyclists' refusing to move over on narrow roads. Sometimes this comes from residents who are also keen cyclists themselves. (One of these drives trucks for the council. He cycles up from Belair to Stirling every day.)

There are two more 'listening posts'; this Thursday, 16 July: Woodside library, 12-2pm and Norton Summit Community Centre, 6-8pm. If you live up that way we’d love to see you there.

But the main way that we want to get cyclist input is through an online survey. The survey also links to a map where you can draw routes you use and identify locations that might be hazardous or present opportunities.

We’d love to know of any quiet routes that have good cycling and not much traffic. 

The survey doesn’t take long – unless you really want to go to town with comments and routes. You can find it with this link:

I’d also welcome any comments you have here too, they'll all go into the report. You can also send me an message.

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+  +  I remember reading something a year or so ago that some other countries were using Strava Heat Maps to help improve the most used roads . 

Yeah, I wouldn't normally use Strava in the suburbs and city to work out the best used roads, but I think it would be OK in the Hills.  Certainly a lot cheaper than getting someone out counting on every road!  Looking at, it seems that cyclists go everywhere!

Your right Ian they do go everywhere!

But in all that a few roads do pop out, and that would give the council an idea of where the greatest number of riders in that demographic - I guessing the weekend rider - are. The local mums with kids would be a separate issue, and would possibly require both a deeper analysis, and different outcome. It could pan out that the mums and kids could be kept away from the weekend riders?

I've been told that local residents in the Woodside area were annoyed when they realised that weekend riders from the city weren't using the Amy Gillett Bikeway, but instead stayed on the Onka Valley Road.  But as you say, given the popularity of the Bikeway for families with young kids, we probably don't want fast cyclists on there.

The other comment presented on other AC threads is that the road is faster with more priority over side roads.  Priority over roads is something that requires serious attention if you want to have everyone utilising pathways.

Also, talk to city commuter (aka Greg) for some great infrastructure improvements around Crafers and Stirling.

Good point about priority.  Faster cyclists aren't going to use a path that gives way to every driveway.


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