On the assumption that others may experience some of the confusion that I do about existing and proposed Greenway/Bikeway routes in Adelaide's north, I thought I'd just try to annotate one of DPTI's maps to sort things out. Note that:

  • the 'OHG (north)' has actually now been built/marked out
  • 'PREXY' is the recently-announced Port Expressway Bikeway (needs a better name!)
  • I haven't labelled the Salisbury & Para River pathways.


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One major path not shown on their map is the NE Busway shared path to Tea Tree Plaza. It (almost) connects the Linear Path to the Dry Creek Trail.

Mmm - I wasn't aware of that one. Is there a route map or link online? Maybe something for the new Campbelltown BUG to work on! 

The DPTI map I used is a tad incomplete and out-of-date I suppose. But I think it was only intended to show the Gawler Greenway in the context of connectivity to other adjacent routes (I found it on the Gawler Greenway page here).

If you check out the ride posts at the Uncool Cycling Club's excellent web site you quickly see that there are many great Council-managed cycling routes and pathways all over the place in the northern suburbs! I'm not sure if these show up when you use Cycle Instead or not. The WalkingSA website also details some of them...

By a strange coincidence I went for a group ride this morning with the Uncool Cyclist herself! Never met her before today. Small world.

Anyway, the Cycle Instead route planner takes you right up the Busway path starting from Glenwood Walk Dernancourt and ending up at TTP. Its main benefit is that it passes under Grand Junction Rd, Reservoir Rd and Smart Rd using the busway bridges.


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