I am promoting an idea I have about establishing continental-style signage on the roadside of our iconic climbs in the Adelaide hills.

I have attached a couple of examples.  As you can see these signs include the name of the mountain, the altitude, the distance to the summit and the average gradient in the following kilometre.  These signs can be found on all the classic climbs used by the Tour de France as well as on lesser known climbs.  They would be a great addition to our own Tour Down Under.

Not only do the signs provide information and motivation to cyclists but they also promote cycle tourism.  I don't think anything similar exists elsewhere in Australia and so, if installed, would re-inforce the perception that Adelaide is the cycling capital of Australia.

The state government is currently running a project called "Fund My Neighbourhood" whereby various organisations and groups are allocated funds for ideas that would benefit the local community.  I submitted the idea of installing roadside cycling signage on our climbs; it was accepted and the Adelaide Hills Council has agreed to fund their installation.

I have submitted the idea as an individual and not as a representative of any organisation.

However, the state government and council will only install the signs if the idea proves popular enough and a sufficient number of people vote for the idea.  You can only vote online and the closing date is 5pm on Monday 20th November.  Please note that you do not have to live in the hills to vote for this idea.  When voting, you are able to nominate your location as I explain later.

You can vote by clicking on the link below.  The process is straightforward but you have to be aware of a couple of things.  I suggest you click on the link first and then read the bullet points after the link.


 1)  You have to register.

2)  You have to establish your 'neighbourhood' as the "Adelaide Hills".  To do this click on "Change My Location".  Enter either "Adelaide Hills" or "Norton Summit".

3)  You need to create a shortlist of at least three but no more than five ideas i.e. you cannot just vote for my idea.  All of those ideas must be in the same neighbourhood.

4)  If you have used the above link then you will press the green button "Add to Shortlist".  You then select the other two to four ideas by clicking on "Browse Ideas" at the top left hand side of the screen.  From that screen you can click on "Ideas" to see all the ideas for the neighbourhood.  Simply select the ones that you want.

I hope the voting process is straightforward enough.  If you have any questions then please contact me.

I need to get as many people as possible to vote and so I'd be grateful if you would spread the word - to both cyclists and non-cyclists.  I have also developed a Facebook page (Cycling Signage) which hopefully will help promote the idea.

Finally, if you have any ideas that you think might be useful then please let me know.  

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"would re-inforce the perception that Adelaide is the cycling capital of Australia"

Who has that perception? Pretty sure melbourne and canberra have higher mode shares than here.

That aside, it's not a bad idea.

Around the Barossa area there are start and finish signs on a few climbs. For instance Menglers Hill and Warren Reservoir.




It's a great idea & I hope you get funding, but...

I entered my own project to be funded. To get rid of beg buttons for pedestrians & cyclists, instead aligning traffic light cycles with those of cars. It was not accepted as a valid project because it required approval from government departments not aligned with the fund my neighbourhood project. Further, I have already voted for a number of projects, I limited my area to ACC so they are all within the city boundaries.

"We appreciate the time you've taken to submit your idea, "Make pedestrian crossing in Adelaide CBD more user friendly" however it has not received the required support, and unfortunately will not progress to the public vote. Why was your idea unsuccessful? Your project falls under the responsibility of a local council or state government department. In order for your project to go ahead, the appropriate body must determine whether it is willing and able to progress and sponsor the idea. On this occasion, the relevant body was unable to do so."

Good luck with your project Graham.

I’ve submitted two ideas in the Fund My Neighbourhood program, both in Mount Barker. 

Mount Barker Creek Cycling and Walking Trail in partnership with the Mount Barker Council

Mount Barker Summit Upgrade in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia

Lets hope all three of our projects get the nod!


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