On the pre-news for this afternoon that an Adelaide cyclist crushed by a tree. No more detail.

Please re-think if necessary to cycle in some areas where many trees that could be downed by these winds.

I cycled perhaps 6km today in the suburbs. As I turned south to cycle home, noticed the effect of the strong westerly winds and changed down a gear.

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The bike is black with white wording. Will be on the news at 6pm.

Adelaide Now has it as a Motor Cyclist

A motorcyclist suffered minor injuries after crashing into a fallen tree on Crown Tce at Royal Park about 6am.

A SA Ambulance spokeswoman said the man, 38, was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a serious condition with possible back injuries.

news update - both men in bicycle ( black & white writing fuji )  and motorbike


On ch 7 6pm news. A motorcyclist and a cyclist.

A male cyclist has pelvic injuries after being hit by a falling tree on Grant Avenue, Rose Park.

Good old channel 9, even with acts of nature the cyclist is at fault.
Lol, true!


If it had been a meteorite #9 would still say he collided with it. It's ingrained in their dna (dreadful news announcing). ;-) 

the motorcyclist rode into the fallen branch and the cyclist was hit by a falling branch two different incidents

I hope noone was riding along the bike path next to the new bridge behind the zoo today when a huge tree fell over the bike path.  The tree was big enough to span the bike path and the Torrens.

"..If it had been a meteorite #9 would still say he collided with it.

I find I collide with other cyclists, [here at AC], all the time.... I do draw the line at quibbling about semantics, though.


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