I know cyclists love coffee and thought this coffee tour may interest some of you. Its in the CBD on the 19th of July. There are 4 places on the tour that will discuss various aspects of coffee and you'll have a cup of joe their as well...  it will end off with coffee cocktails :) 

Bookings are limited so jump in if you have a interest. 

You can book at link.


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We considered bikes first, but because its the first one we'll foot it.

As for a bike tour, ie, more or less the same agenda but you arrive to each venue on bikes - would you guys be interested? Would distance be a problem - IE - Glenelg, City, Unley etc etc?

If I can get there on foot then by bike sure works ;-)

As for the current tour - the cafes would be fine if you had a bike (i guess? - ) Except Ruby Jacks the bar.. not sure on where a bike could be locked up.. would need to check that out.

I would do a bike 1 for sure... :-) be a great day out trying coffee and riding!!!

+1. But this tour looks like its worth doing even by foot.

nasty hangover Martin. You wont get that on this tour though.

Awwww!  How disappointing.  I thought it was a ride between coffee shops, with coffee break stops at these cafes.

I like the sound of it, but if we would be going inside and leaving bikes unattended outside while things are being explained to us, bikes could disappear.

Also, four coffees for $35?

I think if you go along, you might remember these coffees for the rest of your life

even pigs know good strawberries are better than slop I would hope

Seems a bike tour might pose a few issues, namely bike security so that would need to be worked through a bit. Venues that would have to accommodate 20 bikes, mmmm  i would need to think about that and chat to bike owners and cafes owners. 4 venues would be what we would look at.

As for the current tour, all drinks vary in prices, some much more expensive than others (filter/cocktails). You're getting speciality coffee (not mass produced supermarket coffee) and you'll be learning about various aspects of coffee from the professional barista at each venue . The coffee cocktail ending is something a little different, and judging by previous coffee tours it seems a good thing, we have also tested the cocktails ourselves and are making slight adjustments to the recipe that they would normally use.

In Melbourne they charge $69 for more or less the same thing. Just because ours is cheaper doesn't mean it's of lesser quality.

 .... coffee aficionado, cycling aficionado

amongst the Peloton as in a Bar or Coffee Shop, advice comes cheap and is generally worth what it costs

Its all about passion isn't Patrick, many of us have hobbies that we want to get the best out of.


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