Info from Adelaide Airport Ltd to Adelaide BUG on Wednesday 14-May-2014.

Secure Bicycle Parking -- A secure storage facility is currently being constructed to provide cyclists with a secure location to store bicycles, on a fee for service basis. The fee will be modest and is intended to ensure that these facilities are available for travellers, not airport employees.
The facility is located at the southern end of the old International Terminal Building, approximately 90m from the northern exit of the main terminal building (T1).

Free Bicycle Parking -- A new free bicycle parking area will be constructed adjacent to the secure storage facility to provide cyclists with a choice of paid (medium security) and free (lower security) bicycle parking facilities.

Bicycle ‘Service Stations’ -- We have purchased 3 of these units for the assembly, disassembly and minor maintenance of bicycles that are being transported through the airport. The units will be installed adjacent to the Secure Bicycle Parking Facilities.

Short Term Bicycle Lockers -- The installation of short term bike storage lockers (on a pay for use basis) has been negotiated with our current secure locker provider. The lockers are expected to be an addition to the current luggage lockers that are located on the ground floor of the multi-story (short term) carpark.
As airlines generally do not accept luggage prior to a flight’s published check-in time, this service will allow cyclists to preposition a disassembled (and boxed) bicycle at the airport and then retrieve it prior to check-in.
Please note that these lockers were not available as a standard ‘off the shelf’ solution from our contracted locker provider. We have been in discussions with our provider for several months and we now have a workable solution that is expected to be in place very soon.

Bike Box ‘Recycling’ Service -- We have been working on the issues associated with this proposal; including aviation security constraints, recycled box facilitation and storage, and the required hours of operation.
With these issues now considered, we have constructed a room to store bike boxes that are discarded by arriving passengers and these boxes will be available for collection by cyclists departing at the end of the event.
The facility is co-located with the Secure Bicycle Parking Facilities and ‘Service Stations’ so that cyclists have a convenient single location for all bicycle activities.
We do not intend to charge for this service but offer it as a goodwill measure to cyclists attending the Velo-city event. We will soon be seeking volunteers to help us during the event and any advice or assistance your group can provide would be welcome.
In relation to the sale of bike transportation boxes; both major airlines offer their approved bicycle packing boxes for sale and we do not see any benefit to travellers by duplicating this service.

Current Bicycle Facilities -- The existing free bicycle parking area, located in the multi-story (short term) car park will remain.

Pedestrian Access from Sir Donald Bradman Drive -- A project to provide a suitable pedestrian path between Sir Donald Bradman Drive and Terminal 1 commenced in Oct-2013 and was completed earlier this year.

As mentioned previously, Adelaide Airport is committed to continually improving the facilities for our passengers and visitors. I would be happy to meet with you on site after the Velo-city event and discuss any issues you may have with our operations.

Note: This is a great outcome (helped by pending Velo-city conference) after Adelaide BUG first contacted Adelaide Airport Management Centre on 19-Jun-2012. I would appreciate cyclists checking the new facilities and posting feedback here.

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My request included:
1. An obvious information point for travelling cyclists: organise swipe card for medium security bicycle enclosure; hire high security bicycle lockers; buy bicycle boxes; collect free bikedirect maps printed by DPTI; collect booklets like ‘Cycling and the law’ for international travellers.
2. Detailed information on the Adelaide Airport link at

However, has been overlooked.

This is a really outstanding success story, well done.

It's worth sharing your letter to the Adelaide Airport GM as well to see the work and detail you put in.

great news about the improved facilities. I was looking forward to riding to the airport for my last red eye to sydney, but woke up with it pouring with rain. grrrr  another crappy taxi ride.

Go Heather! - I remember you making petition a while back now, wonderful result!

Picked up a friend at the Airport last Saturday and as we drove out observed a cyclist, who *really* looked as if he had just flown in, with a massive back pack on cycling out.

Adelaide Airport wrote to Adelaide BUG that facilities would be improved before Velo-city conference in May-2014.
Your feedback is welcome.

Bumping this discussion near top so easier for conference attendees to find. Some interstate & overseas delegates said they will provide feedback by email to Adelaide BUG.

I'm glad that they are finally doing something about this. Far too late though, but...

Hi Heather

My experiences at the Adelaide Airport with bike as requested: 

I arrived at the Adelaide Airport (ADL) at 10:40 am on flight QF661 from Brisbane on Sunday 25th May to attend the Velo City Global Conference. I had my bike in a cardboard box and my luggage in a backpack.  I planned to ride my bike to my hotel, the Oaks Embassy, near the Convention Centre in Adelaide. I had hoped to leave my cardboard bike box at the Adelaide airport as I had heard that the airport was offering a service to store bike boxes during the conference.

I enquired at the Airport information counter about bike box storage. I spoke to Ian at the counter who didn't know anything about bike box storage. I pressed him further saying that I had heard that there was a facility however he didn't want to make any further enquiries.

I assembled my bike outside near the door. I returned to the information counter which was unattended.  I left my empty cardboard box near the rear door of the information counter hoping Ian might find out about the bike storage and place it in storage for me. The cleaner offered to dispose of it for me but I told him I hoped the information staff would look after it for me for my return trip.

This did not occur and I purchased a new bike box from Qantas ($22) for my return trip on Saturday 31st May at 3;15pm (flight QF664).

However on my return trip a helpful lady at the information counter showed me where the Adelaide Airport had installed two bike assembly stations with tools and air pumps for tyres. ( Not far behind the outside bar).  They also had bike racks and a cage for secure storage of bicycles. They also had a room with a big Velo City Logo on the door and a sign saying "Bike Box Transfer Station". Ah ha! I thought, but peering through the window I didn't see any bike boxes. The lady at the information desk was sympathetic.

I rode via the directions on Google maps (bike) from the Airport to Adelaide Convention Centre. I put my smartphone in my shirt pocket and listened to the verbal directions which were just audible. Google maps took me down Sir Donald Bradman Drive and across a park. I don't think it was the best way to go as there were a few busy roads and a tricky underpass route to find.   Here is the Strava trace: 

After the conference I  returned to the airport via the River Torrens Linear Park shared path which was much more pleasant. I turned off the river bikeway at Autumn Avenue which had little signs on poles indicating it was a bikeway to the airport!  They were't very prominent but made me feel better that I was on the right track not to miss my plane.

 Above: Bike route to airport signs on Autumn Avenue.

Above: Bike stand and tools Adelaide Airport. Note - the bike is not correctly positioned on the stand.

The bike seat post is supposed to be between the black bits which holds the bike firmly. 

Above: Bike tools. Air hose is behind stand (smart head for both valve types) and the blue angled steel thing at the bottom of the stand is the foot pump.

Above secure bike storage cage Adelaide Airport. 

Above: Adelaide Airport Bike cage terms and conditions of use .

Bike box exchange for Velo City Global. A great idea, but not well communicated to airport staff.

Above: Location of bike repair stands and racks is near the bar. You can sit in the bar and keep an eye on your bike : ). 

Above: Two showers at Adelaide Airport toilets. ( Showers are right way up and are in the toilets under the escalator on the ground floor).


Mitch Bright

Mitch, thanks for the detail re bike boxes. My interpretation is that the Adl Airport would provide a bike box minding service only during Velo-city. However, you were in Adl during that time, and the staff were uninformed.

Before you came to Adelaide, we both concurred that info lacking on the Adelaide Airport website. Now updated at

"Bicycle Box ‘Recycling’ Service*
The new facility provides an area where bike boxes that have been discarded by arriving passengers may be stored and made available for collection by departing cyclists.
*This area will be made available to event organisers free of charge and will only operate during major cycling events in South Australia, for more information please email"

Mitch, thanks for the detail re route.
Before you came to Adelaide, we both concurred that info lacking on the Adelaide Airport website. Now updated at

Would have been preferable if the info was on the website in time for Velo-city. Even a couple of weeks in advance to help attendees plan. Even a month in advance, because some attendees extended their time in SA and Australia.

Note that this info is under Parking --> Bicycles, so some visitors will miss seeing it.

"Cycling to and from Adelaide Airport

Cyclists may also find the below links useful when planning your trips to and from Adelaide Airport

Bicycle Facilities to Adelaide City via Linear Park Bike Path

Bicycle Facilities to Glenelg via Anna Meares and Reece Jennings Bi...

South Australian Government Cycle Instead Journey Planner:"

Mitch, thanks for the photos re new facilities.
When we met in Adelaide at the start of Velo-city, I gained the impression that you had not seen the facilities as you arrived. Is that correct?
The website was yet to be updated. An impression from you and other attendees that the Customer Info Counter did not display a bicycle logo to attract the attention of cyclist-travellers, who could then have been directed to the facilities.
A displayed bicycle logo would help those with limited written English.
Although the web has been updated, a displayed bicycle logo would be helpful for some English speakers. Some travel without an iPhone, or without firm researched travel plans, or must change their plans (that can be me).

I don't know if the facilities were there when I arrived. I asked at the information counter. The person at the counter knew nothing about bike facilities. Or if he did know he didn't tell me perhaps because I only asked about box storage.  I suggested they have a leaflet on the info counter about bike facilities and perhaps a map of the route on the back?  Where I assembled my bike ( just to the right of the exit on a seat) might be a logical place to put a small sign pointing to the bike stands. I could have done with a proper floor pump as it was hard work pumping up  both tyres to 100 psi with my little pump. 

I note the web site does mention a pump but doesn't mention tools.  It is a pain to travel with a pedal spanner ( cause you only use it at the start and end of the trip) so if you knew the airport had one that would be one less thing you would have to tour with. There is a nice pedal spanner on both bike stands. They should say this on the web site I think.


Mitch, thanks for your detailed input. Let us make Adl Airport truly the best for cyclists, to encourage other Australian airports to copy.

Even if the airport does not want to print a map for each enquiring traveller, one map at the counter for a cyclist to look at to get their bearings would help.


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