AC CEO, GUS K, IS A WINNER >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday September 28th 2013

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No. of Riders : 44



It was a very very busy Gawler Wheelers morning! Lots of things on the go eg:

(1)    We had to comfort Sue whose netball team last week lost their grand-final for the second consecutive year

(2)    There were quite a few lengthy discussions about which team would win the AFL grand-final

(3)    Chris celebrated his birthday today with us

(4)    We welcomed Trisha & Leighton who are visiting from the UK

(5)    We had to draw the winners of the GW “Win a Bike “ competition. The winners were Craig Heard, Fred Davies, Lee Bakes, Wilson and AC Guru Gus K!

Congratulations to all of the winners. Many thanks to all of those who purchased additional tickets today.

In between all of the above we also squeezed in a fabulous 60km bike ride! It was tough for the first 25kms due to a nasty SW wind. After that though it was a fast frenetic fantastic ride!

We got back to Café Farina around 10.00am which left plenty of time for above activities, and people were able to head off early to their footy functions. Those who rode with us today will tell you more about the ride in the coming days.


NEXT WEEK: It is a long weekend, so will be holding a quick 60km UNDULATING ride. Details will be posted on AC Events and YOU are welcome to attend.


Our CYCLING TIPS video today is especially for all of the very young riders:





David, with his flash new bike. Specs please David!

Birthday boy Chris arrives for today’s ride

Nice to see Karl Bobridge out with us today

Greg enjoying the GW morning

Sue, saying to the man upstairs....... “how did our netball team lose two consecutive grand-finals. Will Hawthorn do the same?!!”

Goggles tell us about your upcoming Canberra 24 hour ride

Nick…happy GW chappy

Elaine struggled on the SOB leg, but came good for the rest of the ride

Gareth, Doug, Darren and Greg

Former AFL and SANFL player Barry Norsworthy at Virginia telling us how the AFL grand-final was going to play out today

Carl ,closely followed by his son Tom

Brett, Elaine, Mick and Chris.....and nice tailwind

Virginia Regroup

Carl and Matt

Two Wells Regroup

Lee, David and Scott

Tash and Elaine drawing the winners of last weeks GW competition

Chris cutting the birthday cake

Gareth with his Mum and Dad (Trisha and Leighton) who are in Australia for the first time on holiday visiting Gareth ....and their wonderful daughter-in-law Samantha (aka Sam).

Mind games….Terry’s back wheel….WTF?

GW Member, Peter F rode from Cairns to Cooktown last week in temperatures reaching 46 degrees. Tell us all about it please Peter!


IN CONCLUSION: What can we say…it was just another perfect Gawler Wheelers morning. The only downside is that it was over and done with too soon! Please enjoy:


“DONE TOO SOON”...Neil Diamond

Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.


Gawler Wheelers: Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year 2013


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Amazing!!! Your best yet!!!!


Best Video Award Image

Great news to read that I won a ticket into the big draw. Sorry I couldn't stay for a coffee on Saturday but I was rushing home to get a lot of jobs done before the Grand Final. Took the opportunity for a early dart to get things done.. See you next week. Hopefully no work calls Saturday morning.


Many thanks for all the birthday wishes what better way to start a birthday than with a ride with the team from Gawler Wheeler's


I just had to share this again love it

That's a crack up

Laughed as much as the first time I watched, could relate some of the characters and situations to reality

Happy Birthday Chris. Hope you had a great day.

Really good ride, but would actually prefer riding up gradients or in rain than against those winds. don't know why, just cannot get rythm into winds. !!! coming home was good though !!!

Sorry to hear you were not feeling the best Elaine. Great effort to finish the way you did.

Know how you feel Keith, managed two loops of a 85K cicuit yesterday and the felt like Flu had hit, but is massive hay fever and have been suffering all day on tablets and sniffing eucalyptus oil !!! Hope you are getting better Keith.

Also, fantastic video Fred.  You , Terry, and Frank make the reports extra interesting !!


Don't expect a Fred Ape production, but here is a little snippet from Saturday.


Thanks for watching!

Looks good enough to me Gareth. Well done and thank you.

Well done Gareth, hope to see one next week if your going. Were at Barmera.

Thanks Gareth good video and sound track. 

It's taken a while but eventually I've got time to sit and think (had a very busy week at work and lots of technical issues with phones,  laptops,  etc at home).

Thoroughly enjoyed my GW morning.  Slept in for an extra half hour and met the group at Penfield Rd (along with young Tom) so had also done close on 20km by the time we met - but not into the wind, admittedly.  Legs were feeling quite good most of the way and was enjoying dropping back and chasing again, setting little personal challenges along the way.

Took the full brunt of the wind on the way back home.........stupidly decided to see whether  I  could get home in under an hour into that wind (I wonder about myself sometimes)..............and managed it! (just under 59 minutes).

Well ridden everyone - especially those who were hurting and braved it out.  Good to see GW1 at the end of the ride, too.


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