QLD test, but generally applicable for SA

I got the answer wrong for "can you ride in the bus lane", in QLD you can.

I also got the answer wrong for "can a cyclist lose demerit points", which I thought you did and actually makes me more cautious to avoid illegal action

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I think this sort of thing is a good way to educate non-cyclists.

You can ride in a bus lane here too. (Though personally I think it's better avoided where possible, both for safety and politeness reasons).

The trouble with demerit points is that not all cyclists have licenses! Though if they brought it in, I probably wouldn't care too much. What happens when a truck breaks a traffic rule? Is it the same points but a bigger fine? On that basis I wouldn't care so long as our fine was smaller.

Peter, isn't the rule in SA that you can't cycle in a bus lane when it says 'bus only'? Nonetheless, like you if I do come near a bus lane I tend to avoid them.

OK, I just checked the "cycling and the law" booklet (p.16). We can cycle in a "bus lane" but not a "bus only" lane. It also says "bus only" lanes are usually coloured red. 

Yes, difference between 'bus only' and 'bus' lanes.
Taxis and cyclists permitted to use the length of a bus lane. If not driving a bus or taxi, only permitted to drive in a bus lane as necessary to turn, etc.
However, too many drivers along Grenfell St do not follow this road rule, and at times aggressive towards me riding in the bus lane. If not for these errant drivers, riding in that bus lane would be pleasant. I listen for the louder noise of a large bus engine, and get out of the way of buses which deserve priority.

Can you explain to me why a bus deserves priority? Is it because of the aggression you get out of their way?

My viewpoint. The Grenfell St bus lane was installed to assist the high number of buses. My cycling speed is usually below the 50 km/h speed limit. I momentarily move to the left and let the faster bus past.

I might not be so generous when a private car is incorrectly in the bus lane. That is, no nearby intersection or carpark entrance to prove that the driver is preparing to turn.

Heather, the speed limit is the maximum speed you're allowed to do. Your speed should be below 50km/h in that area! :-)

So I cycle at 49 km/h in a zone with 50 km/h limit ... :)

thought so! I do that too, I think, I don't use a speedo. Had good runs into the city today & yesterday, green @ Melbourne St and a good head start coming down the hill, but then half way to the river or at the roundabout slow cars get in the way :-[

A bus deserves priority because it carries many passengers. That is the reason bus lanes were installed. So, IMO, it is inconsiderate to ride in the bus lane and slow buses down.

That would be the reason a 'bus only' lane is installed, a 'bus lane' should be equally shared by other authorised users, such as riders and taxis. If there isn't room for the bus to overtake safely with the minimum space required and within the speed limit then the bus should hold back IMO.

Just because something is legal, doesn't mean it's not inconsiderate. It's also legal to yell at cyclists. I still maintain that if a cyclist is significantly holding up a bus, then using the bus lane is a bad idea; and is the sort of behaviour which leads to anti-cycling sentiment.

That said, especially in the city, often buses are stopping a lot so it's no big deal. 


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