Here's a challenge for you and some exciting news if you love cycling and coffee.

A new cafe is opening in Adelaide soon catering for primarily for cyclists in its atmosphere, quality of coffee and stopover snacks as well as tubes, Co2 cartridges etc. It's also a place you can meet your family and they will also feel comfortable.

It's to be called Pavé and is scheduled for opening in the next 3 or so weeks. More details of the cafe will be released soon.

Your job, if you choose to accept, is to nominate an iconic cycling photo to be a part of the cafe's design. It could be Cadel winning a muddy Giro stage, or Paul Sherwin in the 1983 Paris-Roubaix, or Eddy Merckx in the 1969 Tour de France.

Or it might be a photo you took, or will take, that sums up cycling.

The winning selections, as judged by the cafe owners, win a special black ticket granting them a year of free coffee.

Comp closes Sunday November 4 at 23:59






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What is that classic photo of cyclists drinking coffee at Bocellis - that will look great for Paves

pretty sure it's actually an ad for Vittoria coffee, you can see their brand in the top right corner.

or another 

not coffee they are drinking

liquid carbs


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