Here's a challenge for you and some exciting news if you love cycling and coffee.

A new cafe is opening in Adelaide soon catering for primarily for cyclists in its atmosphere, quality of coffee and stopover snacks as well as tubes, Co2 cartridges etc. It's also a place you can meet your family and they will also feel comfortable.

It's to be called Pavé and is scheduled for opening in the next 3 or so weeks. More details of the cafe will be released soon.

Your job, if you choose to accept, is to nominate an iconic cycling photo to be a part of the cafe's design. It could be Cadel winning a muddy Giro stage, or Paul Sherwin in the 1983 Paris-Roubaix, or Eddy Merckx in the 1969 Tour de France.

Or it might be a photo you took, or will take, that sums up cycling.

The winning selections, as judged by the cafe owners, win a special black ticket granting them a year of free coffee.

Comp closes Sunday November 4 at 23:59






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Ummm, this sounds like a great cafe, but commercial photos lifted from the web are most likely copyrighted.  Trusting the cafe owners know this...

They will be purchased via agencies if possible. If not possible then they are aware it can't be used. The Horton Collection, magnum, Fairfax, Reuters and Corbis all offer images for purchase and commercial use.

Oo! maybe the uncropped version of this photo! :D  


Was it you who did the black and white photo of Anna Meares (from behind sitting in a chair holding the bike), Carl? Thats a winner for mine.

yep! that was mine :)   i was contemplating entering that one :)   

Caps not straight, so ineligible

This is it for me

two legends, Coppi and Bartali in the 1949 TDF ... I'll paste it in

Coppi was often said to have introduced "modern" methods to cycling, particularly his diet.

Gino Bartali established that some of those methods included taking drugs, which were not then against the rules.

Bartali and Coppi appeared on television revues and sang together, Bartali singing about "The drugs you used to take" as he looked at Coppi. Coppi spoke of the subject in a television interview:

Question: Do cyclists take la bomba (amphetamine)?
Answer: Yes, and those who claim otherwise, it's not worth talking to them about cycling.
Question: And you, did you take la bomba?
Answer: Yes. Whenever it was necessary.
Question: And when was it necessary?
Answer: Almost all the time![25][26]

Coppi "set the pace" in drug-taking, said his contemporary, the Dutchman, Wim van Est.[27] Rik van Steenbergen said Coppi was "the first I knew who took drugs."[28] That didn't stop Coppi's protesting against others using it.

'la bomba' was a bottle drunk during a race and consisted of seven or eight espresso coffees, sugar, peptocola and two or three mild amphetamine pills. (Fallen Angel: the passion of Fausto Coppi, William Fotheringham p143). Coppi's training and his diet heralded a major change in professional cycling. Drugs in cycling were only banned five years after his death [from malaria] (p142). The book helps understand this 'crushing' cyclist. The book title refers to his adultery and divorce, not his la bombas!

And here's the funny thing, I'm sure la bomba will be available on Pave's menu!

Great book. As an owner of a Fausto Coppi frame - which is up for sale plug plug, I read it looking for a bit of history. The guy really was the champion of champions. His palmares is astounding given that he lost a huge chunk of his career due to WWII and being a POW.


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