I quite often ride from Modbury to Glenelg and back. I take a variety of routes there and back but my route there invariably involves cycling in or on the outskirts of the city. After a visit to the cargo bike gathering at Victoria Park 2 weeks ago I realised there was a much better cycle friendly city free route. One of my favourite routes takes me from OG road to Walkerville via Harris road then turn off Walkerville terrace to access the linear park as far as Frome road.

My new route takes me down Walkerville Terrace as far as Stephen Terrace. Turn left at Stephen Terrace and follow Stephen Terrace which becomes Nelson Street, Osmond Terrace and then Prescott Terrace after crossing Kensington Road. Turn right at Grant Avenue which takes you down to Fullarton Road and the controlled crossing to access Victoria Park. I rode it for the first time this morning and it's a much nicer ride, safer and although I didn't time it I'm fairly sure it's a lot quicker. And if you're a commuter it's certainly worth considering.

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That's the route I dubbed the "Dulwich Highway" as it extends through the cafe strip at Dulwich and through to Conyngham St Glenside. At the Conyngham St/Glen Osmond Rd lights a short side street detour connects you to Wattle St which is a good inner southern route all the way to Goodwood Rd. There you can connect to the Seaford Rail Line or the tram line. Stephen Tce/Nelson St etc is a useful eastern suburbs connector although it can get quite busy at times, especially with school mums who dart in and out of side streets without looking for bikes.

The lights at Kensington Rd frustrate me, waiting, waiting ...  I often take the path through the median strip into William St before reaching Kensy, use the refuge to cross Fullarton, cross Dequetteville to the path (recently upgraded) to next to the new skate park, then left over into Vic Park along the Parklands trail.  Of course, the occasional dog-walker along this bit.  On the plus side, we get to ride by another 'Cyclists Dismount' sign (think it is still there, ignored it for so long now ...).

I have always preferred Alexandra Tce to Grant Ave - great big trees to shelter under from the Sun and the cars avoid it due to the speed humps that do not bother me. Wait for a break in the traffic at Fullarton Rd - bunny hop onto the traffic island and then cross to the service lane opposite to access Victoria Park. From the park-lands one can cycle to Willunga pretty much "off road" :-)

There is also a small lane (Thomas Pl) just east of Fullarton Rd that you can use to get from Alexandra Tce to Grant Ave if the traffic is heavy enough to justify using the lights there.


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