some may have seen on channel nine news a cyclist who crashed on mable hill on sunday, well that was me unfortunately. i was unable to slow enough on a bend due to damp conditions and was catapuled over the edge. As soon as i hit the tree below and landed upside down i knew i was in trouble, i could not move both my arms, there i laid for over an hour yelling for help as cars continued to pass with me down below, only the dogs in the valley could hear my calls. As time passed and nobody was coming i began to think the worse,my phone was in my back jersey but could not get any responce from my arms to grab it,knowing possibly i had broken both collarbones.

Then out of he blue i hear a call "were coming for ya mate", my calls were heard by a resident in the valley who drove around the area until he found me, my saviour. I had all but given up, i told my wife i was doing norton - lofty but changed directions after reaching nortons, my first mistake, secondly not telling her, so as she began to worry when i had not arrived home she would of had them looking in the wrong area.

A massive thankyou to the gentleman and his son who i have yet to thank personally, the paramedics who put their lives at risk to climb down the embankment and comfort me, cfs for their support in clearing vegatation so my removal was safer another hour later, the trauma team at RAH who put me together again.

After being discharged at 1am and nursing two dislocated shoulders only, i am full of gratitude to our emergency services, when i entered the RAH they suspected 4 major fractures to my left shoulder / arm alone due to it being so mangled but humpty dumpty was put back together again. I was considered very lucky. both arms in a sling it has taken every effort to type this. Unfortunately i have to go back as it was discovered late on sunday night at the RAH that the numbness down my arm and hand meant i have nerve damage and are unable to move some of my fingers yet.

The bike, well i have not seen it yet and as i type my wife is picking it up from the police at the parade.

So in all there are lessens to be learnt, but more importantly "A MASSIVE THANKYOU" to those who were there for me.

follow up:

my wife has just got back with bike, and from just a quick glance i can only find 2 minor scratches would you believe, but that was quick glance, not allowed to go near it. the only damage i can see was a twisted, mangled k edge garmin holder, garmin 800 looks ok but i have not switch on yet.   photos later when i have use of more than 1 finger to type

out of this comes a very funny story now, but could of had massive reperccusions to me. It was a young boy who was playing outside who heard my screams and went and got his dad who then heard me. upon driving around looking for me they came across a screaming lady who waved them down saying she was being kidnaped and all sorts. It was only the fact that the boy was adament with his dad that it was a male he could hear screaming they continued on and called police for her, apparently the police said she tried to wave down the ambo crews and started going crazy at them, but by the time the police got there she disappeared.  It could of turned out that i become unconious and stop screaming and they would of thought it was the histerical lady. thank god for the brave lad.

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I don't know what to say except thank God you are still here to tell us your story and heed your warning. I know those bends well, and those dogs from the kennel in the valley, and I could not imagine being in your position. But coming from a friend who lives across the rd from your valley, it happens all the time. There is even a car down there.

I hope your recovery goes well and you're back on the bike soon.


Amazing - glad you were found and the injuries were not as bad as they could have been.

Did the bike go over with you?  Or did you hit a guard rail and get flung off?

i dont know but my brother said it was in the tree on the news, but he could be stirring,  no guard rail there

Gosh Brett what a frightening story! As you say, kudos to all the people involved in your rescue and medical treatment. Can't imagine what it was like lying there alone with no-one coming to your rescue. Think I'll be writing down detailed ride plans for my wife from now on.....

Glad to hear you are on the mend and hope you can get back out on the bike again soon.

I generally tell my wife where I am going but we also use Find My Friends on the iPhone so she can see where I am - it might sound big brotherish but I only use it with her. It's very accurate too. Google Latitude works the same way.

That's a good idea, hadnt heard of Google Lattitude before.

I have installed prey on my HTC, primarily to be able to find my phone if it is stolen or lost, but it could also be used to track me down in such an event.

Hope you mend quickly Brett.

PS Any photos??

Wow, thats amazing, glad to hear you are ok. Thats your second stack of late I think?

I often have that in the back of mind when riding those roads, what if I go off the edge, who is going to find me, try not to think about it but it is a worrying thought.

I often go for a ride and change my mind and route as I go, probably not the best idea if something were to happen to me as it did you.

Glad you are ok, and a speedy recovery Brett.

On the ch 9 news re rescue of motorcyclist down an embankment. On the same stretch of road where a cyclist crashed.

Very scary story for you and your family but glad your relatively ok, you were indeed very lucky. I doubt I would be some calm about it if it was me. I am always wary of coming down hills :-(

Thank you for sharing your story hope it helps others to think more carefully about the route they intend to take. Something I learn;t from a very young age walking with my Dad back in the UK.

All the best for a speedy recovery x


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