A few update pics from the Outer Harbour Greenway...

The next and penultimate phase of construction on the Outer Harbor Greenway - the link over South Road from Croydon through to Bowden - is due to open at the end of this month. A survey ride this last weekend has revealed the following...

The new Greenway ramp up to the overpass, west-side of South Road. The concrete wall on the right is slowly being covered with brickwork... Path to the left joins with new footpaths along South Road.

Eastern side of South Road, the 'dog-leg' bike ramp linking the OHG overpass to McInnes Street (and thence to local routes).

Entrance to the 'dog-leg' bike ramp at McInnes St.

OHG ramp, this time look west from Coglin Street, back towards the South Road Overpass.

Looking in the other direction, eastwards from Coglin Street towards Chief Street and the Adelaide CBD. New automatic pedestrian rail crossing on the right.

The new shared-use-path bridge at Chief Street.

Unfortunately the City of Charles Sturt seem to have a bit of work to do on their bike facilities on Chief Street. This bike lane surely should have an option taking riders up on to the footpath under the new bridge...

...and once past the Bowden Rail Station precinct (through where the Clipsal Factory used to be) and under the new Park Terrace underpass, here's the view looking back...

PortBUG will keep an eye on the OHG project and will provide readers with regular updates. We recently met with WestsideBUG to start planning for a big opening gathering, picnic and celebration ride. We don't yet have a date (we're waiting on news from DPTI regarding the last section through the old gasworks site) but please stay tuned!

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I saw this in the email - can’t wait for it to open! Should make a huge difference to the time and pleasure of riding towards the port/back. 

Like all good infrastructure, it'll save a small amount of time and a large amount of frustration. Looking forward to its opening.


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