Hi all, can someone explain to me about this different Adelaide Cyclist webpage  ?  Thanks. 


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Pete, an earlier post (link at the bottom) warned that this AC forum (2009 to 2020) was about to close.
Unfortunate, but one of the reasons is the cost of the Ning platform.
A member experienced in managing a cycling forum set up the alternative forum (with my encouragement).
We are currently negotiating with BISA (manager of this site) for the 12 years of data to be transferred to the new site.
One suggestion by BISA was to archive the data via the State Library, but the library does not copy all data, and the remaining data would not be fully functioning (e.g. searches).
Pete, how you join at lunicus and remain active in posting discussions.


An extract from BISA's newsletter Pedal Update June 2020
Adelaide Cyclists Update
As BISA draws closer to closing the current Adelaide Cyclists, anyone interested in continuing to read and contribute to cycling related blogs are encouraged to join the new site at http://adelaidecyclists.lunicus.org/  
BISA will not be handing over members personal details and therefore those interested will need to re-join.
We would like to thank Nic for his efforts creating the new site and for keeping the legacy of Adelaide Cyclists going.

Please get behind the new Adelaide Cyclists forum that Nic created.


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