A bit more etiquette - when stopped at an intersection

The other etiquette post inspired this one:

What's the etiquette when 2 or more cyclists are stopped at an intersection (whether it's a red light, or just have to stop to give way)?

My feeling is that it is always, "first come, first served" (unless the lane is wide enough for two bikes). I follow that, and I get rather annoyed when someone jumps ahead of me. Or do I just have the etiquette wrong?

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I look like a total hubbard when I'm on my commuter and I often end up having to re-pass people who assume I'm slower and jump ahead of me.

So yeah, I usually agree with "first come, first served" but there's been a couple of times where people have rolled up in front of me and said a friendly "hi, how's it going" on their way through - this I did not mind so much.

This question could be extended to whether you go ahead of cars too. For example ... on Unley road where the bike lane disappears (or any narrow road with "squeeze-room" only), if the lights are red I'll fall in line behind cars and wait a few lengths back. It means that there's not quite as much pressure from behind to clip-in and go, and it's clear that I don't want to be passed until I'm out of the way properly. It also means that if the lights turn green I won't be caught next to a car that's just taking off, which can be dangerous.

while 90% of the time I will clip in on the first downstroke...there are just some days where it just doesn't happen like I am slightly out of alignment with the bike.

This one is a little different for me, firstly because I ride flats and secondly because I don't like waiting at the lights in bike lanes, if, as they often do in Adelaide, the bike lane doesn't continue past the intersection or it continues as a door-zone-death-lane.  

While I will wait in the traffic lane behind cars when there is a only a few cars, if its congested I will filter then position myself in front of the first car. This works too because I get a bit annoyed waiting behind cyclists if they need to clip in after the lights change, but this way I'm along side them not behind them. 

Google 'BikesnobNYC shoaling' for a full explanation of this practice.

(Shoaling, Salmoning and Schluffing are great terms for bicycling behaviours)

Whoever is fastest should be first. Im always fastest so I always move up into pole position at the lights unless I want to be held up. I NEVER sit behind cars though as I breath enough of their exhaust every day so don't need more. Cars hold up traffic and I don't want to be held up by cars more than I already am each ride.

I can also accelerate faster across an intersection than any car or motorbike (unless they want a fine for aggressive acceleration). 

Even when we get a red light at the Scuzzi bunch I can still drop everyone by just track standing better and being ready in the 34x28 when the xmas tree turns green and the spooling the turbos up to 800w off the lights then hold 400w for 2-3 mins and nobody is getting across to me in a hurry.


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