For all you 'steel is real' fans out there.

I am looking for an awesome but cheap frame, 54cm top tube c to c in steel. Also English bottom bracket and 27.2mm seatpost would be even awesome-r. Seat tube can be 52, 54 or even 56cm.

Don't mind an old frame either that is 126mm at the back, can be stretched to 130mm.

Am trying to get rid of a few bits and pieces and can put them on a bike as a single speed.

I don't want to spend mega-bucks on a known frame, ie Colnago, Pinarello etc etc.

Wondered if anyone out there had a frame or even a bike I could strip down.

Thanks in anticipation. Price up to $200.


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Sorry, just looked. I have a 56 x 58 steel frame with forks, headset and bb looking for a home - it's just a bit big for me. I'd swap for a 54. :-)

Hi Ian, I could have what your looking for as far as a frame goes. Either a very tidy tange Ricardo or a French made frame or even a Shimano Aero (large).  I'm trying to extract a 27.2 seat post out of a frame at the moment.  Give me a ring.

Turn it upside down take the saddle off, put it in a sturdy bench mounted vice, get a mate over, offer him beer and lean on it as hard as possible until it goes crack then rotate it while pulling up. With some luck it'll come out.

That's what my Ricardo was like too.

I have said Ricardo Elite here or similar to this but not as good nick, with seatpost extracted, available but it's 58cm X 58cm. I am going to put it on the classifieds. Ukai wheels, Shimano 600, no bars, brake levers or saddle. Drop me a line if you or anyone else is interested.

Adelaide Community Bike Workshop has 15+ steel frame bikes on hand - and probably a few frames also.  You're welcome to bring your tape measure and check them out .


34 Long Street, Plympton;

Saturdays, 9 to 12.


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