Local messenger has an article regarding how the Holdfast Bay Council has issued over $50,000 worth of fines since the bike lanes on Brighton Rd were commissioned.
Read the signs kiddies.

Local traders are saying that it is hurting their business, obviously their patrons are not aware of the offroad carparks (ironic that the loudest complaints are from a cake shop !)
This reminds me of years ago when they closed what is now Rundle Mall to traffic, the sky was going to fall in and they were all going to go broke.

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It's well documented from examples around the world that slow moving traffic and bicycles help business because people are taking the time to see them. For a cafe it makes for a nicer place to sit outside.

The debacle over the slippery road surface of the Hindley St redevelopment and the speed limit being reduced to 10km/h has had one group that praised it. The local traders who say business is up.

Maybe Frome St traders (not that there actually are many) will see the light and help the bikeway extend all the way.

I agree Gus, coffee shops etc with cyclists and others can turn seemingly barren roads into a more cosmopolitan liveable and browsing environment.
The cake shop owner should be putting out a table and chairs and investing in a coffee machine.

In SA especially we seem to be having difficulty getting past the "this is how we have always done it" mentality.


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