31 years of treasure: Lifecycles Bicycles closing sale

Lifecycle Bicycles, formerly Recycle Cycles, is going to close at the end of June (we need to retire and ride our bikes more) so everything is on sale and must go. Minimum discount of 15%, lots reduced even more, some bikes discounted majorly further. Not a huge amount of stuff left, but some real gems remain so come in and say goodbye - and buy something whilst you're there! 45 Kensington Rd Norwood

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Nooooooo !  What a shame. I've always had excellent service and advice from you guys. I hope you get some cycling in.  What is happening to Dstone ? Retiring ?

All the best for your retirement. You've always been a favourite store of mine ever since I moved to Adelaide 8 years ago. I brought my bike in for service and as I waited to turn in another car collided into mine. A bit of damage and me a bit shaken you were very calming when I eventually made it in.

Nooo! Where am I gonna buy my bike stuff!!

that's been my favourite bike shop for years. I bought my Avanti (the bike I still ride) and got my Moulton fixed up there too.

I must admit I was surprised seeing it open when I drove past there last Sunday. Darn it.

Thanks Ben, Chris, Mike and Jason.



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