I was at Falls Creek as a spectator for 3 Peaks this year. I went up with a group of 5 others who all did the ride. For anyone interested, Adelaide's own Steve Cunningham scored another 'victory', this time in a dead heat with another rider. Steve finished in about 7.35 at an average of about 31kmh (that's 235km with 4400m of climbing). Amazing. The guys I was with finished in times ranging from 8.48 to about 9.50. Hopefully Steve gets on here and does a report like last year.

It's a great event up there, this year the weather was perfect. Looking forward to having a crack next year - fingers crossed I don't break my elbow in mid January again!

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That fourth link (charts) was really interesting!

Another AC member who finished between 10 and 13 hours is Daniele F.


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