I was at Falls Creek as a spectator for 3 Peaks this year. I went up with a group of 5 others who all did the ride. For anyone interested, Adelaide's own Steve Cunningham scored another 'victory', this time in a dead heat with another rider. Steve finished in about 7.35 at an average of about 31kmh (that's 235km with 4400m of climbing). Amazing. The guys I was with finished in times ranging from 8.48 to about 9.50. Hopefully Steve gets on here and does a report like last year.

It's a great event up there, this year the weather was perfect. Looking forward to having a crack next year - fingers crossed I don't break my elbow in mid January again!

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Congratulations again to Steve 'procyclingskills.com' Cunningham for 'winning again. I will invite Steve to write up something but if you want to read last year's report you can here.

I know there was quite a contingent of SA riders this year so I hope it panned out well for everyone. Better luck next year for you Matt.

I saw this very analytic report via CyclingTips (shared by Dahondude) on Twitter. It gives a different perspective on the event.


I love those graphical summaries! I tried it the year I rode the 3Peaks, but not nearly as elegantly. Given there are now 4-5 years of data that guy could come up with some really good summaries over time, different weather conditions, age and gender etc.

I was having a blast til i tore (partially) my ITB on the way up Hotham so had to pull the pin at the CRB, but now I actually have some reference to the height of the climbs, I'll definitely be back next year and will get the sub-10hr I was on target for. Awesome time til that point, I encourage anyone that likes the challenge of a good climb

Matt here is my input on this years event(and thanks for transferring your ticket to my mate)

First things first, Congrats to all the South Aussies over there, and there were plenty of them, and once again an amazing ride by SC.

Seriously folks if you are a keen cyclist and like a challenge then this is a ride that needs to hit your radar. Well organised, fabulous terrain and a great overall experience. This was my 4th trip to the high country for the event and our contingent of riders numbered 14.

We had a fabulous result with everyone finishing including one of the gang who broke a spoke 1k from Anglers rest and was doomed only to borrow a rear wheel from another rider( who had had a catastrophic mechanical )and was able to finish. That's the sort of camaraderie that exists amongst the riders. Everyone has a common goal, to get around in the best manner they can be it sub 8 or racing the lanterne rouge to the line.

Bicycle Victoria do an amazing job getting everything together, with their staff and the volunteers making the day go smoothly. I thought the start finish set up this year was much better and gave a real intimacy with the supporters and spectators. Missed my pizza slice however! The range of emotions of the riders across the line was fantastic, and top marks to the guy who finished with a big rear wheel lock up skid (clearly a bicycle courier during the day!!!)

 I suspect that with the popularity of the event this year and the outstanding finish ratio, you will need to enter early for next year and enter you should. Just remember to really enjoy the ride you need a start training early and consistently, other wise all you will look at all day is your front wheel and that would be a travesty given the majestic nature of the course.

I'll throw my congrats in there as well for all the riders that took part. I went over as a spectator/support for a mate that was doing it. I'll give a bit of a run down from my point of view.

It was awesome. Driving up Tawonga gap to overlook Mt Beauty and all the surrounding mountains was breath taking. And a little bit scary as neither of us had seen them before. It was well organised from the time we arrived. Falls creek staff were there to direct you where to go and where you were allowed to park. The Saturday we went for a ride around the top of falls creek and it was like riding through the set of "The man from Snowy River".

The event itself was well organised and the staff and volunteers knew what was happening and were easy to get info out of. Talking to different people who had done it before was also good to hear their take on things. The mateship and emotion was felt by all. I watched a range of emotions come out of people at the finish line from both spectators and riders. I saw tears, I saw high fives, riders who had never met before raising each others hands as they crossed the finish line. I saw fathers beam with pride and the woman standing beside me on the corner of the finish line shake with excitement and burst into tears as her 70year old husband crossed the line. A truly amazing day with everything in it.

The pizza was amazing for those that are going next year, but be prepared to wait atleast an hour to get your hands on a piece. :-)

We went for a drive the following day and went the reverse of the course and I think I sat there in the car with my mouth open half the time looking at the descents and ascents. The scenery was just breathtaking and the mountains are a climbers paradise. The challenge is there and I look forward to doing it myself in the future.

In short, great event, great scenery, great mates!

great write up. 

While I personally won't ever challenge this myself. I will be supporting friends who will be giving it a go next year. So Im hoping to be able to share in the experience. 

I did not attend the challenge although prepared some info for the next BUG News. (If you want to receive the newsletter, join Adl BUG.) If anyone wants to check my attached file, and let me know of any corrections . . . The file has 3 sheets of AC, SA and All.

The Scody Three Peaks Challenge held in Victoria on Sunday 9-Mar-2014.
The 235 km route incorporates more than 4,400 vertical metres with three major climbs.
First in was AC member Stephen Cunningham in 7:36:05. The last rider finished in 13:28:01.
Entrants who finished within 10 hours earned a special jersey. Entrants who finished between 10 and 13 hours earned the ‘Finisher’s Jersey’.
There were 1921 entrants, most from within Australia. 139 DNS (did not start), 143 DNF (did not finish) and 1639 finished (within 10 hours 415, between 10 and 13 hours 1190, and after 13 hours 34).
No suburb / town listed for 125 entrants. Entrants from SA might number 260 with 15 DNS, 20 DNF and 225 finished (within 10 hours 62, between 10 and 13 hours 161, and after 13 hours 2).
Entrants from AC might number 44 or more, with 1 DNS, 4 DNF and 39 finished (within 10 hours 14, between 10 and 13 hours 24, and after 13 hours 1).
These 14 AC members finished within 10 hours and earned a special jersey. In order of completing: Stephen C, Adam K, Benjamin B, Mason B, Brett J, Andrew J, Peter S, Rob G, Sam J, Wade W, Todd P, Andrew K, Gavan F and Bill G.
These 24 AC members finished between 10 and 13 hours and earned the ‘Finisher’s Jersey’. In order of first name: Andrew D, Andrew S, Andrew W, Benjamin B, Bethany D, Chris W, Christopher S, Dale S, Damian V, Dan D, Drew M, John D, John H, Layton W, Matt S, Matthew D, Michael P, Paul C, Peter V, Shane B, Shane S, Stephen B, Terry G and Thomas C.
AC member David W also finished.
AC members who made the effort but DNF: Daniel J, David F, John H and Mohan B.
Special congratulations to the efforts of Adl BUG members John H and Shane S.

View results:
1. Official riders’ times
2. File loaded under AC discussion
3. File loaded under AC discussion (all entrants, with attempt at SA and AC results)
4. 3 Peaks 2014 as told by charts http://stronginstruments.com/2014/03/11/3-peaks-2014-as-told-by-charts


Heather, you can add Carmen P to your list of sub-10hr AC members. He and Peter S rode together and finished about 6 minutes apart. There is no suburb listed against his name, which is why you missed him. Here are Peter S and Carmen P attending a Gawler Wheelers ride in their 3 Peaks jerseys.

Thanks, have updated info on my computer. Now I know what the special jersey looks like. Do you know the colour of the 'Finisher's Jersey'?

Don't know about the finisher's jersey, but this could be the point of difference

And cyclists rightly proud of their efforts. I could not ride 235km in a day on the flat.


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