Having second thoughts or can no longer do the ride? Let me know please. Thanks.

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If anyone else wants a ticket (Daniel is sorted) email {ticket gone, email removed} and sort something out.

Yes ,

 I am looking for 3 tickets . do you know of any available?

The place to ask is probably on BNA Brooksy

We were smart enough to organise accommodation - but not tickets (what's the hurry - it's not till March !). On top of that I was informally told by Bicycle Networks Vic there was no particular cutoff number.

I'm after two tickets. I've emailed Gus' contact but if anyone else has some they don't want please get in touch. 

I am the same, have booked and paid for accomodation but missed out on a ticket. I only need 1 x ticket if anybody has one available.

Thanks to Gus' contact I now have a ticket. For others out there the main exchange seems to be the BNA 3 Peaks forum:

The sell-out has caught a lot of people by surprise, and now people with accommodation are scrambling to find ride tickets. It's work noting that you can assign tickets to other riders but only up to the 7th of Feb. After that apparently you can do it on the day for a $50 admin fee. Pretty steep and I personally can't see why it is necessary to cut off transfers to early given the sell-out.

I've heard that the main reason behind the cut-off was that all the accommodation in Falls Creek has sold out. Perhaps BNA could release a final reserve of 200 tickets with a big disclaimer that they aren't responsible if people can find digs for the event.

Anyway good luck to those that have missed out ..


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