Friday the 18th of March on Morphett Street heading south just over Gouger intersection I was hit by a parked car that decided to pull out with no indication or warning of any kind, collected the rear of my bike! I did not hit the black stuff.

Wheel 4week old Mavic Aksium totalled as was the Conti Ultra Gatorskin...Not happy Jan..


Yesterday 25th of March, I rode home up windy point, and just as I was passing the BP at Belair heading towards Blackwood a vehicle (still not 100% on what type) comes from Russell street on my left! I see his right hand front guard up close and then I am falling off to the right! The rest is a blur, unconcious for several minutes in the middle of the road.

Ambulance comes along, they are asking me all kinds of questions, and I could not recall or answer any, what day? what time is it? what month or year, the grey matter was rattled!

My Specialized Helmet all but crushed on the right hand side(always wear a  helmet please).

Off to the FMC in the ambulance, they look at my helmet and the lady ambo says money well spent!

The driver at this stage is unknown as SAPOL visited me in emergency and he says it's not unusual?????

I have skin off the knee, hip & a monster bump on the elbow and a mutha of a headache and the new Mavic Aksium fitted to the rear last week looks rooted!

This commuting in three years I have had my lights out twice and lucky last week not to have need pancaked..

I have probably forgotten details as I am having bits of memory return by the hour, oh and the CT scan showed I have a brain which surprised my wife ;-)

Keep those eyes flashing around people they are out there, fact! there are muppets driving on our roads and they seem to be after me!

Oh and before I go, I was not the only cyclists in emergency last evening, there was another poor bugga with a compound fracture, car vs bike on Acklands Hill Road at almost the same time I was scrapped off the road.

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I've always been suspicious of Mavic Aksiums, now I know why, they're car magnets.


Glad you're still here to talk about it and that your wife has shown so much concern ... or is that consternation at finding a brain. Get well quickly and get back on them roads, though with that climb, I probably can't convince you to go fixed gear.

Richard, I will be back in the saddle next weekend....a couple of muppets won't stop me riding.

So sorry to hear to you were target practise. On the upside, at least you got the proof you have a brain :-)

Hope you heal fast and get that bike back on soon.  I don't understand how people can hit-n-run. Disgusting!

Let us know if you need anything to assist in your recovery.

Take care.

If they find the driver they should have a CT scan to confirm if the driver has a brain.

I can't believe we make it so easy for anyjoe to be on the road, in charge of a fast moving one tonne piece of metal.


Sorry to hear about this, hope you recover quickly.


This is terrible news. The worst part is it was a hit and run and that is a very serious crime. I hope something comes of it and the driver is used as an example.

I also hope you and your bike are OK. It is the time of the year when the sun is changing level and it is dark  when cyclists and drivers are used to it being light (and visa versa).

Unfortunately I saw police attending to an incident on Glynburn Rd this morning. Everyone seemed to be OK (Euride kit riders).

Everyone stay safe out there. Perhaps it is time to look at the idea of a bike bus [video] leaving, or heading to, the CBD in different directions during peak hours so we can ride safer in numbers.

didnt know about this angus, thanks for posting.


great idea.

Any chance the BP station has any video of their forecourt? Might show the car..........


Whilst its great to read the funny comments and well-wishes on this thread, please look after yourself over the next few days and weeks. If you need help in finding the driver, get SAPOL to do the work. I can't believe drivers are arrogant to consider that it is acceptable to drive off - my money is on this driver being pi$$ed. Good luck!

I agree totally ... Friday nights after work are dangerous riding nights


Full sympathy Steve.

Get better quick and i'll hope to see you on the road soon

I agree with you Roger about Fri nights, thats why I normally take the car when I'm on arvo's on a Fri.


Here's to a speedy recovery Steve and will see you out on the road soon.

Nigel, mate I will be back on the pedals as soon as I get my bike out of the shop!

If I am not careful Noel might start charging me for leasing storage space in his shop...


Not sure what you think, but I never thought of myself as petite enough to be used as a hood ornament on a car? Obviously the Muppets have a different view of the world...;-)

Man I am stiff in places I never knew there were muscles to get stiff??

the sad thing is very person I know who has been involved in an accident has said the same thing about SAPOL... they are absolutely useless and do not care.


So much for Police.


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