Hi, it's been a while but I'm back in the saddle commuting to work now from the city to Bedford Park.  Loving the change and the opportunity to use cycle paths for 90% of my journey.

I'm looking at upgrading the flat bar to a road boke and am looking for some recommendations of brands/models to investigate further.  Budget no more than $2k so don't even both suggesting anything more expensive.

Also, I understand that any choice is very personal but I'd like recommendations on what to consider further or what to eliminate from my investigations (with real reasons too).

Main use will be the commute to work.  I'll keep my flat bar for casual rides around. 

Things I'd want to include for consideration/specifications would be:

  • Need to ride over uneven/crap covered paths.
  • Would like to be able to add a mudguard (but not critical) and will carry loads using a back pack.
  • I don't intend to be a competitor in the TDU (or TDF) so no need for the 'best' of everything.
  • There may be some longer rides at weekends, but generally  I ride approx 35kms per day.

Thanks for all your help

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As others have said, look at a CX bike - you can put mudguards on them due to the extra clearance, they ride more-or-less like a road bike, and swap out the CX tires for some 28 or 32 mm road tires and you have an awesome commuter bike. Some CX bikes (the cheaper ones - like mine) even have the lugs to put a rear rack on them.

I bought a Ridley Crossbow from Super Elliots a few years back for $1000. Although I dont use it for commuting, its a very versatile bike. My only regret is I didnt get a bike with disc brakes - the rim brakes on CX bikes can produce a lot of front wheel shudder and they dont have great stopping power.

Just out of interest - how are you getting from the City to Bedford Park on cycle paths?

Some great suggestions here thanks.  Sounds like a CX is a sensible start point to begin my investigations. 

As for my commute Dahondude,  I live near Hutt St so ride through the Parklands to King William then join the Mike Turter bikeway.  I then ride to Morphetville and down the Sturt Linear path all the way to Sturt Road at Bedford Park. I work 2 mins from there.  It's a longer commute than riding the roads but I enjoy it much more due to less traffic.

Thanks! Thats the only bike-path way I know of, but hoped that maybe you knew of another more direct (secret) route!

Would you consider exiting the MT'B at Beckman St and following the Mitchell Park Bikeway ( a signposted route of low traffic streets, often with bike lanes)?. This is the way I go to link up the veloway with the MT'B and find it much preferable to Marion or South roads.

Just an option for you :)

I've not tried this yet but have been considering it. I'll have to give it a go sometime. I'm afraid though that I'd get lost once I leave the Mitchell Park Bikeway.

Not sure if you can see this but this is heading north, using the Mitchell park bikeway https://www.strava.com/activities/460300840

Don't know if your an "Old School" type of guy, but these look to be good online value.

Giant Anyroad carbon. High performance enough for a sub 13 up Nortons but tall head tube for all year comfort and plenty of rack and fender clearance.

Trek Emonda ALR5 or Giant Defy 1. Lighter but less clearance. Can fit 25mm tires with Crud Road Race fenders which are the best full fenders on the market that fit 95% of road bikes.

Ive ridden all 3 bikes btw. 

I thought I'd drop back into this thread to update it with what I have actually bought in the post Xmas sales.   After all the research (thanks to some wonderfully helpful people on here) I had settled on a few endurance style bikes to see what they were like in the sales.   This changed once I got better reviews/views of bikes out there for sale.  Once it got to post-Xmas I found that Mike turtur bikes had an Orbea Orca with full Ultegra for my budget. Following reviews and recommendations I thought I'd go take a look.  Sadly, they did not have a frame size in to match me and could not get one for my size at that price.  But I'd been eyeing up a Merida Scultura 4000 for a few weeks and thought this would be a good choice for me.  Lucky for me Trak Cycles in Norwood had the 5000 on sale for exactly my budget so I snapped it up.  

The shop were really helpful setting me up and giving me some great advice.  The 'feel' of riding the road bike is a lot different to the flat bar so they were really encouraging and let me know I'd get used to it pretty quickly.

Well, today I commuted for the first time to work down the Mike Turtur bikeway and Sturt River path and it was a breeze.  The carbon frame is actually more comfy over the bumps than my old flat bar! 

Anyway, the flat bar will stay for weekend rides with my wife so I've now got the best of both worlds.

So, I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to those of you who helped me along with my decision. 

Nice job! See you at Norton Summit ;o)



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