The wife thinks it would be a good target for me to do a charity ride (or 2) next year - on the tandem with my daughter.

Can anyone suggest a suitable ride?

Preferably not through the hills.  I personally carry about 15 kg extra weight, the tandem is about 25 kg, my daughter another 25 kg (and she doesn't pedal with enthusiasm all the time)!

Distance of around 100 km would be OK.

If there is a charity ride related to blindness/vision that would be a bonus for reasons you can probably work out.

The plan is to work up to a multi-day long distance charity ride.



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The Big Red Ride @ 48k might be a good starter and completely flat https://mdmuscleteam.org.au/bigredrideandrun/default.aspx

2nd on the Big Red Ride.  My son and I did this on the tandem when he was 4.  Had a great time, he especially enjoyed the end of ride activities.

That looks great - but the timing is no good for us (holidays).



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