1980s Malvern Star Touristar - Rear 5 Speed Shimano RS Derailleur


I'm looking to fix an inherited 1980s Malvern Star step through bicycle and the rear derailleur is missing pulley wheels, bolts and the outer plate.  Any ADL locals know where I might source a replacement?  I'd like to fix the gears first before considering spending anything on fixing up the rest.



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The derailleur looks similar to a Shimano Eagle II (friction shifter operation).  I installed one of those on my BSA in 1992, and it is now spare, as I have put on an indexed system.  You could try the Community Bike Workshop, now at the old bus depot in Franklin St, on a Saturday morning.

Braking is not necessarily adversely affected by steel rims (contra Heather's comment), but the wrong type of brake block can seriously affect brake performance.  (My BSA, and all its predecesseors, have had steel rims.)

Thanks David and Heather for the comments.  I might check out the Community Bike Workshop..


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