A promo that on the news tonight, will be people talking about why cycling in Adelaide City is hazardous.

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Jason, did that go to air? Is flavour of the week because govt report that Adelaide cycling has increased markedly -- on another AC post.

Found out that it will include an AC member. Read this post about dooring, injuries and hit-run. http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/operation-door-knock-c...

I cannot believe he /she was not charged for leaving a scene of an accident especially where someone has been injured!!!!

What can we as AC members do? It is time that authorities were cajoled into doing their jobs when it comes to cyclist safety.

Paul Jorgensen (the Victim) has included video in David Bowler's topic "operation door knock" - bet the audio was not on the news.

perhaps the police don't like cyclists.

So what was the point of having a royal commission which recommended increasing the penalties for fleeing the scene of an accident? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapunda_Road_Royal_Commission "Increased penalties for fleeing an accident"

What was the point of the SA government increasing penalties for fleeing the scene of an accident where someone was injured? http://www.theage.com.au/news/National/Hitrun-drivers-to-face-10yea...  "To leave the scene of an accident when you know that someone has been killed or injured is a pretty despicable act," he said. "In a case where someone wilfully knows that someone's likely to be injured and they drive off potentially to avoid punishment, a maximum penalty of 10 years is a more appropriate penalty."

I don't believe in draconian punishment and doubt it works. But. What this driver and passenger did was not acceptable. These laws are meant to force people to act with civility. Showing on the news that there are no consequences for doing this is a very bad message.

Argh this kind of useless penalty irritates me so much! Pathetic action once again by SAPOL

Penalties do work if linked with publicity.  Conversely, the lack of a penalty in this case sends a message that if you knock over a cyclist and rive off you will only get a slap on the wrist if caught.  A case like this with clear evidence should have copped a large fine, demerit points  and possibly even a suspended jail sentence.  This should be publicized so that anyone committing such an offence in the future thinks twice about leaving the scene.

SAPOL have no serious interest in our safety! It would appear to some, that they are Lazy, that was certainly suggested to me by legal advisers....you take your pick which!

When there is clear evidence of laws being broken and SAPOL decide not to apply the penalties or send the matter to court, then why bother making the laws?

I know from my own issue this time last year with a vehicle that I am not inspired by there efforts or lack there of and I am still getting physio treatment!!

That's unbelievable. Clear unrefuted evidence of a vehicle leaving the scene of an accident and nothing real done by SAPOL.

As in the Shane Warne incident the message going out to motor vehicle drivers is that it is ok to do damage to cyclists and simply drive off. The police will not actually do anything. Not good enough!

I always see occasional near misses with doorings, maybe once or twice a week. This morning, in the space of about three minutes, I nearly got doored four times (all of them roughly 5 metres ahead of me) coming down Beulah Road. The first one was a police officer getting out of her car too!

I just don't understand how hard it is to do the obvious and simple solution of checking your mirror for traffic before opening the door!


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