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  • I want to share something but where should I post it?

The posts at the top of the main page are 'Discussions' (or forum). This is the place to ask questions, seek advice, share tips, tell others about something that might affect us all or post that your bike got stolen. They are like a free-flowing conversation where members can comment on comments.

Blogs are to share a story, document a journey (physical or meta-physical), write an opinion piece or a place to explore ideas through writing an article. It doesn't have to be purely about cycling but community and society. Comments can be moderated or switched off and unlike 'discussions' are not threaded.

Groups are like niche websites for cycling groups or common interests like commuting or GPS devices. They have their own discussions and comments.

For Sale. Adelaide Cyclists has a fully functional classifieds section found under the Gear Shop menu and at the bottom of the homepage. You can sell your bikes or accessories here for free. Items posted for sale in the forum will be removed.

More info on where to post here.

  • Help! My bike was stolen. What can I do?

Post it as a discussion. Add as much detail as you can. Location, make, model, colour, extra kit and share it on Facebook and Twitter and ask members to do the same. Then look at the local Pawn Shops, laneway, rivers and drains. 

  • You are asking for my password and email - how secure is Adelaide Cyclists?

Adelaide Cyclists is built on a platform called Ning. Ning manage all of the passwords and email address members submit, just like Facebook or any other website requiring a sign in.

  • What if I forget my password or username? 

Use the 'forgot password' or 'problems signing in' links.

  • Can I create a group on behalf of my cycling club, user group or specific cycling interest group? 

Yes. Members can create groups that can contain forums, walls for posting, a text box for introduction or embedding code like YouTube videos or Google Maps to display your ride routes. Groups can also have an RSS reader to display and update from a blog or Twitter automatically. Members can join freely or require approval by the group creator. Members can send a message to all group members.

  • Who can I contact if I want to talk about an idea I have?

The best thing to do is create a Forum post on the main page and see what everyone thinks? You might find there are other members with similar ideas. Otherwise send the administrator a message using the Contact Us page.

  • Advertising. Will Adelaide Cyclists accept ads from business?

For advertising, sponsorship or offers of give-aways please send the administrator an email.

  • I love my iPhone. Is the site compatible?

Yes. Just go to http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/m. It's also possible to post videos and photos directly from your mobile. Members are allocated a unique email address that can be found on their pages. More info on the photo upload page.

  • Where did the idea for Adelaide Cyclists come from?

Anything Melbourne and Sydney have we can do better. You can also read a blog post.

  • Can I add an event and invite all members?

Yes! Go to the Events tab and, as a member, add event. Non commercial, community events only please. Events advertising commercial ventures and retail events like sales will be removed.

  • What are the site's terms and conditions?

Read them here.

  • Can I post you something?

Sure, PO Box 149 Collinswood, SA 5081

  • Can I leave the community

To leave just go to the “Settings” link found in the member module that appears on each page of the network. This will bring you to your Profile Settings page. Click on the “Leave this network” link at the bottom of the page. In the message box that pops up.

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