New Frome St redesign plans revealed

InDaily has an extensive report on the plans presented to council on the redesign of the Frome St Bikeway. It's best to read their report containing images but in summary, there are two options. It appears signage is the most debatable point.

The $50,000 option

The first design option presented to the council:

  • Would cost an estimated $50,000.
  • Bike lanes would be open only during peak bike traffic times (proposed time limits
    are 7-10am and 4-7pm on week days).
  • Four lanes of traffic would be maintained at all times.
  • On-street parking would not be allowed during peak traffic periods.
  • Off-peak on-street parking would be allowed.
  • There would be an impact on either the safety of people riding bikes or the
    kerb-side operations of two hotels on the street during peak times (pink dotted lines).
  • Peak period parking restrictions would need to be enforced on a regular basis
    to ensure that bike lanes are not blocked.

The $200,000 option

The second design option presented to the council:

  • Would cost an estimated $200,000.
  • Kerb-side separated bike lanes would be operational full-time (possibly with the
    exception of sections outside the two hotels).
  • There would be four lanes of traffic during peak periods, with two lanes during off-peak
  • On-street parking would be available during off-peak periods only.
  • There would be impacts on hotel operations or the safety of people riding bikes (in the pink dotted line area) depending on
    the final design solution.

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Comment by Michael Murray on April 27, 2016 at 21:06
Comment by Coppo on April 28, 2016 at 12:22

the cheap option does not look that bad,  I always thought the test setup on from looked a bit over-engineered, but hey... I only use it sometimes and not during peak periods.

I don't like the section from north tce to rundle street going south bike lane at all and then it magically appears 5 mtrs before rundle street.  so buses , cars , everyone hates your guts for that section, and the footpath is typically no escape up the footpath.

expecting the groan from the greenies but, looks like there is a finite limit to the 2 lanes here going south...not much you can do to the road and those 2 lanes... so be it..axe the 4 trees showing on the footpath..and reduce the footpath..make the bike lane so it goes up onto the footpath and takes you out of the traffic...then drop it back down into the proposed bike lane 5 mtrs from the intersection.. 

Comment by Ken the Dane on April 30, 2016 at 5:49

haha how ridiculous that is.

If the elected councillors are still at a standard where the can read and browse the web I suggest someone sit down with them a fingerpoint them through this site or this 

I struggle to comprehend that the designers can't even come up with a solution around hotels.

It is hard not to think that Adelaide is so stuck in the past that it will soon be able to charge entry fees as a museum

Comment by David Bowler on May 10, 2016 at 22:16

I would just be glad to see them actually do something about that stretch.  That said, given the effort that was put into the southern section to make it attractive for casual riders, you think it would be worth having full time bike lanes so that at least there was one continuous north south route for cyclists across the city.

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