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Well after a well earned rest in our home away from home in Lorne, we were all getting ready to meet the thousands of other cyclists at the start of the 2013 Amy Gran Fondo. There were over 4000 cyclists for this event, which also is part of selection for UCI Masters, not that i was thinking i had a…


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Well that was friggin awesome, we were informed of a better way to get into Lorne last night by Simon Gillett and we are so glad we took it. It lead us thru some fantastic scenery on top of the the ranges via Beech Forrest, it was the most exhilarating scenery i have ever seen on a bike, yes there were…


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Day 5 on the bike and covering over 600km so far we were a little hard to motivate this morning, well it took me until lunch time to actually find my legs.

Todays ride took us from Pt Fairy to a place called Lavers Hill, i can only have images of pain towards the end! By the way the Big 4 Holiday Park in Pt Fairy is a fantastic place to stay. We had rain predicted most of today, and a cross wind at approx 20kmph but good news was not a drop of rain. Sarah due to sustaining…


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Today had us heading out of Mount Gambier at 0730, with a quick detour to pick up a mystery parcel from one of our sponsors. So today i decided to commence with the group seeing how far i would go today, as i have never cycled or driven past Mount Gambier, so this was unchartered territory for me. Leaving was spectacular scenery, weather was again not as favourable as yesterday as we encountered 25-30km NE winds, but no rain as it was predicted up to 40mm in some areas of…


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TOUR TO LORNE DAY 3: Kingston - Mount Gambier 178kms

Howdy Cycling Fans,

Well last night we had a fantastic feed at the local pub in Kingston, beautiful meals and hospitality, so if your cycling in the area make sure you grab a feed at the Crown Hotel, Kingston and guess what? No added moths!!!!! They even gave us a lift back to the Caravan Park in the exclusive VIP pimped up shuttle.

The Team Having A Chat With Each Other Via Facebook…


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Velo-city Global in Adelaide next year....

So... if Adelaide was to be a city that was really friendly to people riding bikes for daily travel... what would it take? What could be in the conference program to help that? How can we start a good conversation about that? In the lead up to Velo-city, during and beyond. This conference provides an opportunity..... Ideas ??

Added by Marg Howard on September 11, 2013 at 20:42 — 8 Comments

TOUR TO LORNE DAY 2 - Meningie - Kingston 146kms


Hi Cycling Fans,

This morning we woke to rain and wind in Meningie, after a great night sleep in fantastic accommodation organised by Mark & Sarah. However if you happen to get a feed from the Meningie Pub don't order the fish unless you like moths with that!

Now going into this…


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TOUR TO LORNE DAY 1 Adel - Meningie 157km

Well the day has finally arrived, Day 1!

The team rendezvous at Burnside Village, and it was a nice surprise to see our fan club there (Sonya, Lou, Mum Gill and Carolyn). The media was there so the obligatory photo pic had to be taken.…


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Smudge Monkees ride to Lorne

Hi All,

Yes the time has come for the Smudge Monkees Team to start their inaugural tour to Lorne, Vic for the Amy's Gran Fondo. The support vehicle is packed, bikes serviced, accommodation booked and new team kit ready to go!…


Added by REIDY on September 8, 2013 at 21:30 — 8 Comments

Training zones: controlling exercise intensity to get the most out of fitness training.

My previous training and fitness posts have discussed heart rate, power output and altitude training, and each article…


Added by Andrew Vogler on September 5, 2013 at 18:00 — 1 Comment

Buying titanium

Part 2

Tuesday Titanium bike day dawned. Brilliantly - it was clear, and sunny, with an early hint of spring warmth in the breeze. I kitted up and rolled around to the bike shop - they needed my daily ride for the measurements.

And there it was, gleaming grey metal and black carbon, set up on a trainer, ready.…


Added by Simon Lownsborough on September 2, 2013 at 14:25 — 5 Comments

Reflections on five months in Europe

My cycling blogs in Europe didn't quite keep pace wih the amount of cycling I did, mostly because I had enough trouble keeping up with my non-cycling blog so the kids have something to look back on when they get older.

We arrived in Santiago de Compostela in early April and left 4 and a bit months later. My el cheapo Decathlon road bike turned out to be a very sound investment - provding over 2500 km of near faultless riding in wind, rain and bajing heat. A few minor issues with the…


Added by Dahondude on August 18, 2013 at 20:00 — 6 Comments

Bush pedal repair on the Hay Plain

The story will get back to Adelaide eventually, so I might as well tell it myself.

Bike touring the Hay Plain, 2 weeks, recently.

Day 1, depart Hay for the bush... @ 3 km in right hand pedal wobbles and falls out of the crank. Pedal is fine; ally crank has stripped thread.

No bike shop within 200 km; text friends to post new crank up from Adelaide (thanks Liz & Andrew) while still in mobile range. Meanwhile, how not to lose 4 days…


Added by Mike Brisco on August 14, 2013 at 14:30 — 7 Comments

It's a Balancing Act

Seeing your children (or even grandchildren) ride around the park or getting out with them on a bike is one of those activities that leaves lasting memories for both young and old alike. But how do you transition children who have training wheels to a bike with 2 wheels and give them the cycling skills and confidence that are so important and valuable?

This is a question Ride-a-Bike Right is often asked and like most good…


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Buying ti - a journey of discovery

Part 1

I have been very fortunate to come into some money. Most is for my family, but I decided I'd get something with meaning for myself. I considered my options for about 10 seconds. Yep, it had to be a bike. This was an opportunity to get something that would have lasting value, and a different ride experience. I realised I wanted something that I could grow with as a cyclist, and grow old(er) together with, if that makes sense. It needed to…


Added by Simon Lownsborough on July 29, 2013 at 20:43 — 13 Comments

Astir Titanium frames - Development and inspiration

Hi all

Over the next few weeks I will be adding photos and information on Astir titanium bicycle frames, designed and developed here in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Below are photos of the Classic model. Inspiration came from my years as a child when I had the chance to ride a '1935 Bismarck', a 30 kg behemoth that the German Army left behind in occupied Greece, and raced in Europe as a teenager on Peugeot, Orbea…


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Off-Season, Off form training

45mins hills interval training.  Don't know about anyone else but keeping to 75-80rpm is next to  impossible. Even for 5-min intervals (grade dependant of course)   At times I modify this goal to keeping rpm above 65 and I'm happy if I manage that.   #poorexecuseforacyclist.

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compact cranks or lighter wheels?

Hey guys,

At the moment my climbing skills are very lack lustre. I find I am grinding in the granny gear on a 5-7% grade hill. Speed is somewhere in the vicinity of 9-12km max depending on how Im feeling and gradient. Im currently running standard cranks (54/39) and a 12/28 cassette with 1850g DT Swiss wheels. My cadence on a climb is about 65 average which I have read and been told by others is too slow and I should be sitting on 80 on hills as it will be easier on the legs. I find…


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My first week with a recumbent.

I purchased a second hand Catrike Villager last Monday.

The initial impressions are mostly good.

The good…


Added by Don (Who's lost?) Nairn on July 14, 2013 at 23:30 — 5 Comments

My Primary Blog site is no more!

For all those who have been to http://www.pcsa.net.au/ as my primary blog site will no longer be able to do so. A catastrphic hardware failure and backup failure has made the site extinct.  I am considering using my http://RunnerNoMore.wordpress.com/ site I started a couple of years ago but that will not be updated with the older posts as I simply don't have them.

I am only considering this external…


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