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Workshop news 9 June: Message of Thanks from Augusta Park Primary School; and why we need to put tags on bikes...

News from Augusta Park Primary School, Port Augusta - re bikes the Workshop donated in April

Yesterday got a nice phone call, from teacher Ben Kitchen, at Augusta Park Primary School, Port Augusta. Readers may remember, the Workshop earlier got together a “class set” of bikes for the School, and donated them shortly after Easter.

Ben was    delighted with the  30+  of BMX & childrens  bikes. Ben says the bikes from the…


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Riding On the Long Weekend - Some new mile stones

A Weekend of Different Styles of Rides

Saturday had a big combination of rides. A commute to the Start of the SSRC 'L' Ride route 2 from McLaren Vale, the SSRC 'L Ride, a difficult hill climb and the SSRC "Rag Tag Trailer ride" in the afternoon from Willunga. On Sunday a long ride to Jaspers, Gawler and back trying out a new, shorter route to see what the benefit might be.

Lets Dissect Saturday

Ride Down to SSRC 'L' Ride

Leaving home at 6:35am to meet Matt…


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My First (accidental) Century!

I did not really plan to ride 100km today. But in the end, I did. It wasn't fast, it wasn't glorious, I'm pretty exhausted, but I'm also pretty chuffed after riding my first century, and thought I'd share on here :)

I started out at a quarter to nine from Prospect, aiming to get to Dan's house near the top of Flagstaff Hill for ten. Going along Marion road was pretty flat, and the cool weather only encouraged me to ride faster. From the Start of Anzac Hwy to the start of Flagstaff…


Added by Sam Young on June 10, 2012 at 18:33 — 4 Comments

Riding the Currumbin Valley, QLD

I had an opportunity to do some riding whilst on a recent stop over on the Gold Coast on my way up to Cairns for a Half Ironman.

I was a little concerned at being able to find somewhere good to ride whilst staying in Surfers Paradise as its a busy place and like everything, local knowledge is required to find the quality experiences.

I put the word out on a Triathlon forum and came up with a few suggestions to head out to the Currumbin Valley and Tomewin Mountain Rd so I…


Added by Darren B on June 10, 2012 at 17:54 — 2 Comments

Gawler Wheelies Ride Sat 9th June 2012

Just wanted to say i had a great time on my first (but not my last) ride with the Gawler Wheelies on Saturday.

Thanks for making me feel so welcome, great group of people.

See you all soon.

Cheers, Shane Loftus.

Added by shane Loftus on June 10, 2012 at 11:16 — 1 Comment

Your comments welcome: what does the Workshop still need at this stage?

9 months since we opened the  Community Bicycle Workshop! 

West Torrens Council  want for a short report, to know all is OK; BISA need a report too.   Council were supposed to get one every 3 months, but didnt ask til now....

Both BISA and W Torrens asked, if people who use  the workshop need anything further?  

Wish list time! 

My impression is, people visiting the Workshop, can nearly always get done, what they want to.    I can…


Added by Mike Brisco on May 22, 2012 at 14:41 — 6 Comments

Sunday SSRC "P" Ride - maybe the first of many

Whats This?

The Adelaide Cyclists group "Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists" have been holding group rides for beginners for some time called "the 'L' Ride" and "The Rag Tag Trailer Ride (for parents and kids)." Well, now they have added a 3rd class of ride, the "P" ride. If you are not aware, the SSRC evolved from the "Muddies" group who once a fortnight do a 50km or so ride that includes a couple of…


Added by Steven Ellison on May 7, 2012 at 18:30 — 3 Comments

Accompanying David on his First 100km+ ride

Minimal Planning

We had made very few plans for the ride except a brief outline of where we would ride and a starting point and time. Just going on previous rides I had suggested we head down the Coast to Vines to Marino and follow the coast to Glenelg. From there head up Anzac Highway to the city, along West terrace to Port road and then down to Port Adelaide. From Port Adelaide down to Outer Harbour then follow the coast all the way back to Seacliff and back up the Coast to Vines…


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When did you last change the gear cable?

I got caught in the very heavy rain last Tuesday, and the BSA got saturated (not to mention the rider).  However, it seemed to have dried out fairly well.

But this morning, going to and from the Community Bike Workshop at Plympton, I was having trouble getting the outside sprocket (high gear) on the cassette.  It would not change the final step unless I backed off, went down one, and then changed two at once.

Oiling and cleaning the chain made a slight improvement, but still…


Added by David Southern on May 5, 2012 at 21:08 — 9 Comments

Many cyclists are making good use of the Community Bicycle Workshop

I thought people might like to hear, how cyclists are making use of the Workshop these days.   This was Saturday, 29th April... morning session.

Main development:

Refreshments! - tea and coffee, cooled water   occasionally, fruit, sticky buns and scones…volunteers and workers can help themselves any time, or stop for a mid-morning tea break and chat.. 

Helping school bike project get started: We sorted out 6 suitable bikes and parts, to…


Added by Mike Brisco on May 3, 2012 at 18:00 — 1 Comment

Why Adelaide needs a bicycle scrapyard....

For recyclers, scrapyards are useful - they return components to service;  people use them to keep other things going.

Adelaide has plenty of car yards - there must be a demand  .

But Bike scrapyards? That is another service, the Bike Workshop provides to the public...



School bike project: 

 Last week,  we had a request from Melissa at WhiteLion – they were starting a bike-fixing program at a local school.  The   kids would do…


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Ride Hard Breathe Easy – A challenge for me

For those of you who don’t know me I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m naturally very lazy! Cold, wet and windy is perfect weather for curling up with a good book and not doing anything until it goes away. Which at times can mean the entirety of winter! So how is it I ended up trying to ride 800km in one month? Well I have an over developed sense of curiosity and I was curious to see if I could do it and what it would take. So I thought I’d give it a go, it couldn’t hurt that much…


Added by Virginia Riches on May 2, 2012 at 0:09 — 5 Comments

A week on the Riesling Trail in the Clare Valley

My better half and I just spent a week tandem riding on the Clare Valley Riesling Trail about 110kms north of Adelaide South Australia

We began by basing ourselves at the Rising Sun Hotel at Auburn. Lovely old historic hotel clean and comfortable run by a wonderful family and staff providing excellent company, food and wine.

Rising Sun Hotel Auburn

We spent the first day exploring Auburn. A beautiful old town with many…


Added by Donald Rintoule on April 29, 2012 at 20:49 — 5 Comments

Gawler Wheelers Route 01 - failed as a group lead rider!

Today Lynn was busy all day so I took the opportunity to head out for a ride with the Gawler Wheelers. The weather forecast was for a shower or two but I thought it was worth taking the chance. I have only ridden with these guys once and that was on their 1 year Anniversary Ride back on the 10th of March this year.  I had such a good time on the last ride I just had to ride with these guys again. If you want to know where this ride went then you…


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Riding in the Rain and Dark

The first few paragraphs of my blog at http://www.pcsa.net.au/?p=3812


My 3rd ride in 2 weeks since completing the Strava climbing challenge and it felt good! I think my body is in a little shock, riding very little in the last 2 weeks,  after riding consistently for 33 days to complete the climbing challenge.

Enjoying the Extra Sleep

Until today, since completing the challenge, I have been sleeping in until at least…


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A cycling weekend.

An interesting weekend of cycling activities

My weekend started with a few hours at the community bicycle workshop I had a free-wheel I was keen to try and revive. However I am not confident this was successful.

Also while there we took a donated bike from and sold a bike to a gentleman who wanted to put a motor on it I did…


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An inspiring story from Melbourne - the creation of Elsie

When I travelled to Melbourne to begin my ride back to Adelaide earlier this year, stayed with Margot and Alex who are some friends I had ridden with before when they were living in Adelaide. At the time Margot had a bright pink steel bike frame sitting on her desk....the beginnings of her first major bike project... now she has completed it and ridden it... Elsie is her pride and joy. This is Margot's story which just had to be shared, and with her permission I have reposted her story on…


Added by Rob (Chewbacca) on April 22, 2012 at 20:00 — 7 Comments

Becoming a cyclist

My name is Kylie Smith, and I am a cyclist.

I suppose I started out the same way as most kids. I learned to ride at a pretty young age and enjoyed occasional rides with my parents along linear park or over to grandma's house. In my final year of primary school there was a small group of us that would ride together. But once high school started, it was too far to ride and the friendships that sustained my earlier riding days fell away, so the bike was relegated to the back of the…


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How many parts need to be missing from a bike, to stop us restoring it? Sometimes, just one wheel nut...

As bike rebuilders, we   hardly ever run into proprietary components, ie components a manufacturer designs,  to specifically fit their type of bike, and no one else’s.  It’s worth-while salvaging  just about every old bike – because   you can use the parts  to repair all sorts of  other bikes.  The other day, though, we struck an exception, with an old Mongoose BMX. ……  .

 It arrived with parts missing, so I took it to Wiltja College, for the “Scrap-heap Challenge”, bike-building…


Added by Mike Brisco on April 19, 2012 at 18:04 — 13 Comments

How I Maintained My Bike for Its First 8 Months/7,000km

This is an overview of how I have maintained my bike, it is not a recomendation or the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything (42)!

Extract from my blog:

I purchased an EMC R2.4 Alloy Frame Road bike with Shimano 105 running gear 8 months ago and this is my maintenance story.

Its not intended to be a guide or a definitive list of requirement, its simply an account of what I have done, what seems to make a difference, and how I am satisfied with the…


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