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  • cyclists and motorists are not equal

    Cyclists and motorists are not equal on the road – so let's stop pretending they are By Ashley Carruthers, a keen commuter and competitive cyclist, who lectures in anthropology at the Australian National University. Originally published in The Conversation Republished by ABC News on 17-Aug-2017…

    By heather

  • Campbelltown Council to vote on Bicycle Plan

    Campbelltown Council has commissioned a new bike plan and tomorrow night (Tuesday) the council members are being asked to vote on the plan.Staff are recommending that Council:1. adopt the Bicycle Plan as presented2. write to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure seeking support…

    By Katie Gilfillan

  • Like new Bike Friday New World Tourist Silk NWT Belt drive ready Black

    Item: FramesetMaker: Bike FridayModel: New World Tourist SilkColour: Matte (stealth) blackUsage: 2 months gentleFeaturesBelt drive…

    By Ariel Richtman

  • Belair and Blythewood Roade intersection

    It appears that there are plans to enlarge the traffic islands at this intersection (there are painted outlines on the road).At present there is not a bike lane at this point on Belair Road heading south,however there is currently enough room for two cars in their lanes and a cyclist stopped at the…

    By John Cantor

  • Gawler Wheelers Ride Report 12th August 2017

    Back in the groove.Over the last few weekends the weather hasn’t been the best. There was some windy stuff and a fair bit…

    By Paul Koch

  • why ride up greenhill road?

    I know this is going to spark a flaming war but really, why ride up Greenhill road when there are so many other safer, equally beautiful, roads into the hills?We (see I included myself) just hold up the traffic which doesn't do any of us any good. The old excuse "its my right" comes with some…

    By ted w

  • cycle route notice from DPTI

    Today I went to DPTI website of where ... Notice for cyclists City-bound bike traffic is detoured at Winifred Avenue to continue straight on Pleasant Avenue, cross South Road at the pedestrian crossing, follow the eastern South…

    By heather

  • Lumos helmet - My prayers answered.

    I've recently being thinking "I've put a lot of effort into being visible with flashing lights etc."The problem is, they are all below car body height.The best place to put them is as high as I can get it. Like my head.Enter the Lumos helmet.…

    By Matt S

  • WA E-Bike Trial

    In todays news:…

    By rossmg

  • Gawler Wheelers Ride Report 5 August 2017

    Today's rides had it all. With 14 brave riders out today.Kate, Mark, Andrea and Paula enjoying a coffee.Andrea led a…

    By David Hughes