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Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists

A social group of road bike riders for the new rider. Ride with experienced riders at a sedate pace on easy, quiet routes to learn the basics of group riding and riding in general.

Want to take the next step from just riding your bike on your own? This is the place.

Home of the 'L' Ride (for beginners/or a cruise)

Feel free to suggest rides for members to come along to.

Location: Port Noarlunga and Surrounding Area
Members: 129
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Welcome to the group page of the Southern Suburbs Road Cyclists.

A road cycling group based in the southern suburbs. Home of the L ride, a great place to start if you are new to group cycling and want to join in.

Officially, we organise only the L ride, however this is quite a large group and many of us ride together at other times, members will usually organise other rides on here, so shout up if you want to join in.

L Rides

If you're not sure where to start, this is probably the ride for you.

  • Designed for beginners/new riders or those returning to riding
  • Flatish routes
  • Quiet roads
  • Learn group riding skills
  • Regular re-groups
  • Sedate pace (20kmh)
  • Approx 40km
  • Tailend charlie to ensure no one gets left behind


L rides are every fortnight on a Saturday morning (routes vary), see the events for more details.

Special Event Rides

One off rides that are a bit special, these include long distance epics,  climbing marathons and special occasion rides (Christmas special for example). There are no real generic guidelines for these rides as each one is different.

Strava Group details here

Strava group and the passcode is Noarlunga


L Ride Routes

Rating is 1 - easy, 10 - very hard

Route Distance Climbing (m) Rating
McLaren Vale, California 43.2 406 4
Bayliss & Aldinga 44.7 311 3


Other Routes

Route Distance Climbing (m) Rating
Happy Valley & Veloway 47.1 671 7
Cox's Hill 47.2 670 7
Aldinga 58.8 582 7
Blewitt Springs (long) 63.1 836 9
Blewitt Springs (short) 54.6 766 8
Willunga Hill & Range (short) 46.4 645 7
Willunga Hill & Range (long) 55.5 706 8
Penny's Hill 58.4 683 8
Kangarilla, Meadows & Willunga 61.5 667 8
California & McLaren Flat 44.1 451 5
Up Chandlers down Coxes 45 606 7
Penny's and Pottery 57 842 9



Check out the videos for a couple of our rides:

L Ride McLaren Vale, California video

Blewitt Springs (short) video

Other Information

Riders ride at their own risk of injury or bicycle damage and are strongly advised to have some form of cycle specific insurance.

Group creator and admin retains the right to remove people from this group.


Michelle and Phil

Discussion Forum

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SSRC/Muddies racers

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Comment by Steven Ellison 18 hours ago

Thanks James for bring the point up. Yes, as always, I will be suggesting that single file is used on all busy roads. It is now up to the individual to decide if they are happy to ride it.

BTW 5 ways worries me far more!  The bike lanes on Main North road are great when they are there!  Gets tight heading North once past Salisbury !

Comment by James M 19 hours ago

I'm with you on that bridge crossing in Port Noarlunga and the others. They're a bit sketchy on the surface, however consider the drivers are doing between 40 and 60 km/h at most of those points and are in a residential area, rather than 100km/h on an open road like that section of south road. Volume of traffic is also different. That does entail a different driving style for most people, due to facing entirely different hazards.

I'm also trying to consider it from the angle of the drivers too - when driving at 100km/h obviously everything happens faster and a car above 1 tonne has considerably more inertia at those speeds and takes longer to stop; additionally most drivers won't expect a pack of cyclists on a road such as that. Goes without saying but I would assume it would be single file only along there! :)

I also looked on the street view Google Map of that section, it does have a fair size verge as you mentioned, but I would stop short of saying it's 2 meters wide. I've driven up and down that section of South Road countless times as my folks are at Sellicks Beach but I have never considered riding to their place down south road.

When I commute to Mawson Lakes from Trott Park on the bike I am forced to ride along a section of Main North Road (incl 5-ways intersection) and I've had my share of near-misses there too and this of course includes an 80km/h section of road. It always makes me nervous and definitely the worst section of my ride and it's a relief to get it over with every time.

I am admittedly fairly new around here, so I wasn't aware of Amy's Ride using the road (but I am planning on entering it still when it comes up later in the year (I know it's a different ride from AGF)). I would assume the speed limit would be reduced on that section for the duration of the ride though wouldn't it?

I can't make this weekend anyway, but I raised it incase others hadn't realised it was a 100km/h section of road.

Comment by John Thorp 19 hours ago

I can understand your concerns james i have only been riding for a year or so and i have been on a few roads with a 100kmh zones some with not much room but the road we will be using is fine, i felt more than safe riding it on my own.

i think when you are in a group the trafic takes more of a notice of cyclists rather than just a solo rider

Comment by Muddies 20 hours ago

+1 Steve.

Comment by Steven Ellison 20 hours ago

I agree with you Pat, I have ridden up Port Wakefield road several times an have found it a comfortable ride.

I also agree with what you say about James's concerns. The bridge at Port Noarlunga, the stretch from Aldinga to Silversands are a couple in mind. Both of these much more confining than the stretch on South Road however, like beauty, the appearance of danger is in the eye of the beholder ! Only you can know if you feel safe and therefore only you can make the choice to ride or not!

Comment by Muddies 20 hours ago

Perceptions on roads suitable for cycling can be misleading. My ride on saturday takes me north on Pt Wakefield Rd which was a but concerning. Having driven up there today with Fran I was surprised to see a wide shoulder, in pretty good nick and/or bike lanes that I had never noticed before.My concerns have eased somewhat.

@ James Amy's ride uses that stretch of road and I've ridden it a few times and would rate it just as safe, if not safer, than some of the stretches of road used on the traditional L ride.

Comment by Steven Ellison 21 hours ago

OK, James has identified that Just road is unsealed so the alternate route is not viable. At this point the original route stands. It will take a major change in route to avoid this section of road but it is not impossible. For those that are concerned about the 1 km/100 kph stretch along Main South Road I suggest you consider if you are willing to ride it before joining the ride.

All riders are riding at their own risk so please take the route conditions into account when deciding to attend or not.

I believe it is comfortable for an L rider but it is still your choice in the end. 

If I receive additional concerns, above those of James, either by direct message or text I will consider the big change required. The change can be made on the day!

The ride is for you so make sure you say what you think!

Comment by James M 22 hours ago

Justs road on the north side of Norman road is definitely an unsealed road otherwise that was going to be first suggestion, too. Google Map link:

Don't change the route on my account.

Comment by Steven Ellison 22 hours ago

James, I am sorry you have concerns with this route and please note, it was only created to give an option for L paced riders to have a ride.

I must say, I have taken my wife on this route as she is a confirmed L rider. She was comfortable with the 2 meter emergency lane along the entire 1 km of Main South Road we travel along. Previous P rides along here have not voiced any concerns with it.

Having said all that, if this is the only thing you are concerned with that is stopping you getting out for a ride on Saturday then we can change it for you.  Instead of traveling along Main South Road we can cross it and continue down Cox road to Just road and take a left there!

Can anyone confirm that this is possible ?  I have looked closely on Google Earth and it looks to be sealed and possible to do!

If no one that turns up for the ride is concerned with the route then we will take it as advertised. Is that OK James ?

Comment by Paul Mc 23 hours ago

James I understand your concerns as I had similar previously, but have ridden that section of road on Amy's ride and others and it does have a good verge and its over very quickly, but certainly do what works for you.

We had 9 last night for the informal Wednesday training ride, another week of near perfect weather, its amazing how good the weather has been when Phil isnt there.  Huge variation in peoples level of fitness, but we are all there to improve our speed and get a work out, we did break up a bit at times and but kept regrouping,  I think everyone got something out of it and it was a very social affair at Deep Blue with Steven E, Pat and Graham coming down, we all stayed until closing time talking away.


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