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The aim of the the Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop (co-op), which will be supported by the Bicycle Institute of SA, is to operate as a community bicycle workshop co-operative dedicated to the repairing, and recycling, of bicycles.

Visitors and volunteers with or without experience will be encouraged and empowered to learn how to repair their own bicycles or recycle old donated ones. A volunteer roster will be used to maintain regular opening hours. The long running Bicycles for Refugees project will also move into the space from its current backyard location.

The Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop will provide bicycles at affordable prices to the broader community but the disadvantaged would be encouraged to buy reconditioned and safe bikes from the workshop. Any money generated will be put back into buying tools, parts and workshop requirements.

It wont be a bike shop selling new equipment. It will not be place to score rare and valuable parts. It is not a repair business. If someone has a bike in need of repair they will be assisted in how to do it.

Fundamentally it is about promoting bicycle culture and encourage bicycle use in the city and promote a healthy lifestyles to the community.

This post, while serving as an announcement, is also a call-out for expressions of interest to anyone who might be interested on being involved. We need all sorts of help from being able to repair bike, open the workshop up at particular times, collect and deliver donated bikes, be a shopkeeper, promote, host workshops on a range of topics.

If you are interested drop me a line at adelaidecyclists@gmail.com and join the group I've set up here on Adelaide Cyclists - Adelaide Community Bike Co-operative Workshop which will act as a way of keeping in contact and sharing ideas.

This is a very very exciting project and I hope you all share my interest in seeing it get off the ground.

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