Gawler Wheelers

The Gawler Wheelers are a road cycling group based in Gawler, South Australia.

A regular Social Group Ride is held every Saturday morning.

Please see below or refer to the 'EVENTS' section of this website for information on the next scheduled group ride.

All riders are welcome (age 16+ only).

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Location: Gawler, South Australia
Members: 316
Latest Activity: on Tuesday

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Comment by Pete (repeats ?) Roberts on Tuesday

Great news to hear your back home Keith. 
You may not be riding for a while, but I hear they do great coffee at Farina's. 
Perhaps we will both get back down there soon for a visit !

Comment by Keith Davies on Tuesday

 Hi all

First time to get online since the 13th, to start off best wishes to all involved in Saturday's incident. Juz visited me Friday afternoon and sounded her usual bubbly self prior to Saturday, also had a visit from Frank earlier in the week, then to hear what happened I thought two of the best down but not out.

Next up well done to all the Rapha crew would loved to have joined you.

For me, most if not all would have heard I had an industrial accident. I have just got out of the RAH today and will unfortunately be of the bike for quite a while longer. When I started my laptop 234 emails downloaded which will take a while to get through. For that reason I would like to give a huge thank you to all that have posted comments, sent emails, sent text msg and phoned 

I will get back to you all but it my take a while. The GW family has certainly thrown its arm's around me so thank you all. Now it's my turn to fight back.

Cheers all.

Comment by Scott Davis on Monday

I signed up for Bupa Challenge and used last year's customer number to prefill most of the form. I think I noticed it entered the same team code as well as name, address etc, so I guess I'm in :-)

Comment by Craig on Monday
Hi all Gawler wheelers. Is there any interest again this/next year for the Gw team for the tour down under bupa ride?
If there is can mr Wilson please please set up the same page again. Thanks :)
Comment by Wilson Devo on June 4, 2014 at 21:42

Central Districts Cycling Club Logo Image


2014 - ROUND 5

Sunday 15-Jun-2014 - Angle Vale

The Central Districts Cycling Club is hosting Round 5 of the CSA Cyclo-Sportif Series 2014 over an 18.6 km circuit that includes some familiar roads - Heaslip Rd, Gawler River Rd and Angle Vale Rd.


➨ Event Info

➨ Map of Circuit


Comment by Wilson Devo on June 2, 2014 at 23:19

Cycle My City Banner Image



The Gawler Wheelers Routes (or 'Courses') have now been fully loaded on the new 'Cycle My City' website.

The 'Gawler Wheelers - Route Map Links Collection Page' now has a row of Cycle My City links for each Gawler Wheelers Route.

To become a member of the Gawler Wheelers Group on the Cycle My City website will require the registering of a free user account before joining the GW group itself.

The website is very new and offers an alternative to some of the existing GPS based websites such as Strava, MapMyRide, RideWithGPS, Garmin Connect, Bryton Sport &


➨ Gawler Wheelers - Route Map Links Collection Page


➨ 'Cycle My City' Gawler Wheelers Group

➨ 'Cycle My City' Website

➨ What is 'Cycle My City'


Comment by Wilson Devo on May 23, 2014 at 21:05


Bicycle SA have permitted the Gawler Wheelers to apply their own age limit and local hot weather policy to group ride events. These two issues were both discussed in some detail with Bicycle SA and were important considerations in regard to whether the Gawler Wheelers would be included in the Rides Programme. These considerations reflect a combination of safety and practicality issues and are related to the geographic region and time that most Gawler Wheelers group ride events are held.

The Gawler Wheelers entry in the Rides Programme (see image below) stipulates an 'age 16+ only' requirement which differs from the age limit, as printed in the front of the Rides Programme.

Due to the early morning (7:30 am start) nature of the Gawler Wheelers group rides, the upper temperature threshold for hot weather conditions has been left at 37 deg C rather than the 35 deg C temperature limit, as printed in the front of the Rides Programme.


➨ Gawler Wheelers and Bicycle SA Affiliation


Gawler Wheelers FRP Entry Image

Bicycle SA FRP Page 1 Clipped Image

Comment by Wilson Devo on May 22, 2014 at 1:56


MAC Logo Image

MAC Be Safe Be Seen Image


➨ Motor Accident Commission (MAC) - Cyclists

➨ MAC - Be Safe Be Seen Campaign


Comment by Wilson Devo on May 22, 2014 at 1:18


Member Milestone Club 100 Image


Early photo of Mick (fluro jacket) (02-Apr-2011) 

Group Ride Photo Image

TEC Mick looking out for the riders at the back.
Congratulations Mick on 100+ GW group rides ! (05-Oct-2013) 

Group Ride Photo Image


➨ Mick's First Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Comment

➨ Gawler Wheelers - Member Milestone Clubs Page


Comment by Wilson Devo on May 18, 2014 at 22:42


See and Be Seen Image

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Light and Motion - Vis 180 
(50 lumens)

Rear Light Image

Moon Sport - Shield 60 
(60 lumens)

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(60 lumens)

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(60 lumens)

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