Where In The World Is My Bike?
A few of these minor brain teasers popping up on sydneycyclists of late .
Here is a local one ;-) I was actually photographing the local flora (eek!) in the first instance.

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One for the nightriders.   WITWIMB?

i wanna say, the Bicentennial Observatory in the botanic gardens?

 I like your thinking, that's not it though ... :)

Is that a bridge in the background? It would be unusual to light up the pillars and not the road, but I guess it's possible. (The shape is somewhat like Hindmarsh Island Bridge, but every photo I can find has the road lit and not the pillars).

I want to say the velodrome

The velodrome it is, taken from the City to Mawson Lakes path.  The arch/dome structure was the key.

As the person who got it, have you a photo to put up Rusty?


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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