I know this is going to spark a flaming war but really, why ride up Greenhill road when there are so many other safer, equally beautiful, roads into the hills?

We (see I included myself) just hold up the traffic which doesn't do any of us any good. The old excuse "its my right" comes with some responsibility too - like, "if there is a better route take it".

Not wanting to denigrate us (as horses are beautiful beasts too) but, if when driving a car up Greenhill we came across people riding horses every few hundred metres the novelty would soon wear off and the driver could be justified in thinking "isn't there a better route - wider, less dangerous for all?".

Of course the State Gov could widen the road - that would be magnificent - but its not likely to happen any time soon.

So, why bother?

Fellow avid cyclist and hills transit inhabitant (ie so many hours riding in the hills I feel like I live there!)

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The most common thing to hold up cars is of course, cars. Not that they blame themselves as being part of blocking kilometres of road twice a day.

Yes, Norton Summit Road has the same gradient and is much quieter.  If that is not enough of a challenge, Woodland Way (between Norton Summit and Old Norton Summit Roads) has a 20% section, but is even quieter.

We ride mountain bikes and our route of choice is Hayward Drive up to Mount Osmond and then the Bullock Track over to Eagle on the Hill.  Very quiet and lovely.


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