From the SBS Cycling Central website - "Australian WorldTour squad GreenEDGE has released a statement to the media explaining that it intends to announce a title sponsor for the team on Tuesday, May 1 in Melbourne".

I always wondered if Australia was going to have a WorldTour team, who would be the main sponsor - QANTAS, BHP, WESTPAC? and I guess my question will be answered on Tuesday. I was thinking that the company should have a presence in Europe, or going to have one.

Who do you think would be an appropriate Australian sponsor - Barbecues Galore, XXXX, Vegemite, Mortein? Or are they not going to be Australian??

Do their corporate colours have to be GREEN???

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The planet or the bar?

The bar :)

What about these guys?

Wouldn't have to change much!

A company almost no-one has ever heard of I reckon....

Orica help miners blow things up. I reckon they'd be happy to associate themselves with anyone who has 'Green' in their name.. #win/win

While Orica do make explosives they do make lots of other stuff.

They are a multinational company

So it's now to be Orica-GreenEdge. Having splashed out for what has so swiftly become retro kit, I won't be buying the new one.

Did you buy the old one ?

I got my jersey as part of the membership package and bought the bibs from Cycling Express

does that mean the current kit will go down in price as shops will be in a hurry to get them out the door?

Cycling Express are today at $59.95 for SS replica jersey.

If Green Edge keep changing their wardrobe at the current rate then they won't be able to give replica jerseys away. There must be a woman in their ranks somewhere ;-)

GREEN is not something that most people would describe Orica as. The old ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) they have an unenviable environmental record -

Maybe the team will be renamed as The Green Edge of a Murky Blacky Brown smelly toxic swamp?

I hope the team can grow in a clearly corrosive environment?


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