I've had my latest bike for 2 years now and it came with SRAM Red groupset and SRAM S40 wheels. I have found the SRAM product to very good and have had no trouble in using or maintaining the various components. I have noticed that when someone posts on this site for advice re which wheels or groupset to go with that SRAM rarely gets a mention. I haven't had much experience with the other brands at an equivalent level but am interested in why SRAM doesn't get recommended all that often. I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts as I'm getting a bit paranoid! I don't intend to start a discussion about which is best but does SRAM stack up against the other brands?

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And a British icon is purchased by Taiwanese SunRace. At least they have done some updates to their products in the last few years whereas SA did little for around half a century.

SA did make changes:  the headlamp units got smaller; the metal taillight units were replaced with horrid all-plastic ones with stupid wedge globes; they changed from black wiring on the lighting sets to white wiring, which looks awful against black frames, and shows the dirt something shocking; they eliminated the alternative pivot hole in their brake levers, so you have to drill and tap them yourself if you are setting up the brakes for someone with smaller hands...

Oh, I almost forgot!  The power output on their Dynohubs went from 1.8W nominal to 3W nominal before the end of British production.  (This is the same nominal output as the current offerings of various makers of hub dynamos.)

Knew I'd get a reply out of David as soon as SA was mentioned :)

Yep, I just nod and smile....

I don't know, nor care, much about groupsets, wheels etc. When my LBS offered me campy instead of shimano I said yes because it seemed to make the shop guy happy (the same reason I said yes to having it set up "Euro" ... I don't even know what that means). I understand that some groupsets/wheels are awesome and some are merely very good whereas others are quite ok.

BUT I do know what I like though, and can say without any sort of doubt at all that shimano make the most pug-ugly cranks and chainrings on the planet. Honestly I would love ultegra Di2, it works beautifully and makes a sweet noise when you change gear, I had a turn and it is great but it is also too ugly - wayyyyyyyy too ugly.

So in terms of what is truly important on a bike:

Campy - looks classically beautiful.

SRAM - edgy - almost punky good looks - I would happily have it.

Shimano - not with those cranks mate - pop something else on instead and maybe.

Now I feel mean - I have never looked at anyone's bike and thought "ooooh - ugly cranks" I may have done it in the shop, but never in real life. In praise of shimano, at least you can sneak out in the morning without the hubs waking up the neighbours.


SRAM is good. I have no issue with any of the components they make, it's probably a 60/40 split for mtb groupos shimano/SRAM. Avid? Good brakes, truvative? Good components, rockshox? Excellent. With all that going on in mtb land, I don't think road bike world domination is that high on their agenda. I also heard that their wheels were made by somebody else?

I have FSA Gossamer chainring/cranks on my bike I know it isnt the best but looks wise I like it. To my mind it looks semi classy. If I had to change though I'd go Campy, but thats is a personal preference based on looks. I probably could not tell the difference if I rode them side by side.

I just googled them, they look way better than shimano ones!

yeah its not bad on the appearance front. Its pretty sporty looking. The Ultegra crank/chain ring reminds me of an elephant trunk. Its a bit weird. All the other Ultegra gear looks and works fine for me.

Yup Shav, it's just the cranks. Your ultegra will outdo my veloce any day too. 

Exactly my thoughts too Shav - not a fan of Ultegra Crankset - which was one of the reasons I went with SRAM


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