The final 3 options have been decided so now it's time to vote for the jersey that you would like as our Muddies' Group Jersey. This is not an order page. Please list your top 2 preferences. The jerseys are lettered so let's say for example that you like C the most followed by A as your second choice, then please type: 1C, 2A.

For the sake of clarity the pictures from left to right are FRONT (full zip), BACK (pockets), LEFT side & RIGHT side.  (The side panels on A do not show the black front).

There is room for adding names on the top left chest area. This can be done individually in Adelaide, but I will find out if it can be done as part of the manufacturing process.





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yeah think i might be getting both =-)

Thanks Gillian for taking on this task and getting it done. i look forward to seeing many of them out on the road.

Thanks Gillian, I should be at the ride Saturday and looking forward to ordering a Jersey or 2.
Are they able to do a sleeveless vest or gillet? Would there have to be a min of 30 of those or is 30 the total order?

oooo like the idea of sleevless or gillet!!

I'm afraid a minimum of 30 short sleeve jerseys only at this stage.

Other items of clothing may be considered down the track depending on "customer response" to the jerseys and the status of my nervous breakdown!

OK Thanks Gillian, no worries.

can we alter the text at all and maybe move it down a little? im also not quite sure about the side panels... KIDDING! =-)

i dont think we will have much of an issue with customer response based on the amount of positive feedback you have received. 

you are playing with fire Trent :)

Lots of expletives being fired your way Trent!

=-) just bringing some humor to a dreary monday morning =-)

better be wearing your helmet Saturday Trent.

I would suggest a cricket box as well ... lol :-)

apologies if anyone was offended by my attempt at humor as no offence was intended....


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