Hi Folks,

I went to collect my jersey and registration pack for the upcoming BUPA Community Challenge today, and discovered that due to some recent weight loss the medium size jersey I ordered is now too big.

I tried to negotiate an exchange to a small with the staff at the registration pick-up desk, but they were adamant that jerseys cannot be exchanged before Friday, when they may be able to swap it with any leftover jerseys that entrants have failed to collect etc.

Therefore, if anyone is wanting to swap a small jersey for a medium, please feel free to make contact with me to arrange a mutually convenient time and venue etc.

If worse comes to worse I'll make do with the medium - if there's a tailwind I'll be able to use it as a sail to hopefully propel me forward! LOL

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I did the same mistake last year (XS instead of XL) !

This year I got the XL but a L would probably do the job.  Having a range of jersy sizes is good for the cooler days (like last Saturday) when you can layer them over more snug fitting tops.

For the TDU, I like a looser fit, especially since it is going to be hot.

No that was last year (2011 tour) I doubled checked my order for this year

Picked up my jersey and goodie bag from CVSA this morning. The jersey is a big improvement on last year, better material, full zip, team name is in the largest font and across the back.


wow!  they must have been poo last year!

Just grabbed mine...and they are more of a Tshirt than a jersey. Fit is a little bit big....but they must think everyone has arnie arms!!  The sleeves are huge!  The material in pretty meh...feels like those anti moisture bags you get in with the chops.

So if I only make it half way I will blame it on the sleeve wind traps.

Might have to run it through the wash a few times to shrink and soften :)


And what is with the bucket hat?!?!!?   that will blow off when the helmet sticker does!

I think that is exactly the problem. The sizing charts are perfect for a t-shirt fit but at least a size too large for the a cycling Jersey. I picked mine by comparing the sizing charts to the ones for a Perl Izumi and a Bellwether jerseys that I already have and fit good. All of the charts were the same so I picked a medium which is what my other two are. The Scody top is a lot larger than the other two particularly in the arms.

Hi Adam, I am in the same boat as you - weight loss since starting cycling four months ago.  I like that side effect in some ways, but was not expecting it, so I had ordered the medium also.  

I am not too fussed about it, as I know it will be nice and breezy if it is loose.

hi everyone, 

been reading all the posts here, definitely agree that the sizing is for a casual loose fit and not a racer cut.   Anyway if there is anyone out there who has ordered an XS by accident and needs a medium let me know, I am hoping to swap a medium for an extra small and I am hoping to be able to do it without the hassle of lining up on thursday.

I'd ordered a small but it is too large, so my partner has nabbed that because it fits him perfectly so I am trying to swap out his medium for an extra small to fit me.  If not we'll both revert to our original jerseys....whatever its one ride.....but still worth trying to swap.

I have a large that could should probably be a medium, so what's this about lining up on Thursday?

Have a 3XL and is rather roomy to say the least. At least If I cannot finish I will run a tree branch up the centre and live on the side of Willunga hill and raise goats.


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